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Homeboy: Wheel Of Misfortune

This week’s theme has been one of bad mojo and fates? hence my decision to pick my name on the “Wheel of Misfortune”.

So what’s the big deal, a little bad luck you say? I used to believe bad luck was just the result of the unprepared person blaming some unnatural force for their problems. After this last week’s events I’m ready to throw my old beliefs out the door and start making some Voodoo dolls of my not so favorite members of the peloton.

To put some proof behind my newfound believe that I am the cursed-wanabe pro I submit the 12 – let me say that again – 12 flats I have had over the last week and a half. Some of these could be attributed to older tires, low tire pressure from fixing flats and normal road conditions, but at one point I had 4 flats in one ride. Over the weekend I had two flats before the time trial for Valley of the Sun, one on my own tires, then another on a tires of a teammates. By that point I had it, I took my old tires off, replaced them with two others, put in new tubes, and cleaned the rims of my wheels. Would this help? NO! I still flatted the next day for the road race and ended up chasing for 2.5 hours of the race with 3 other guys.

Other moments of bad luck: well there was the instance of my cleats on my shoes breaking right before the start of my time trial. There is the saying you never know a man till you walk a mile in his shoes – well try doing a 20k time trial in someone else’s shoes and it’s a whole new experience to be learned! I?ll put in there having to be charged twice on my trip for my bike at the airport after holding a 75% success rate in getting by the charges as a some extra bad luck. Top that all off with one PowerTap hub seizing up on me and having my laptop hard drive dieing on me when I got home I would rate these last couple of weeks as not the best in latest memory.

My only hope is I’ve used a fair share of my scheduled bad luck, so then in the ideas of balance, equilibrium and other New Age Chinese proverb beliefs, I will be served with a healthy dose of good luck in the near future. I like the idea of this because I’ll be in Europe in less than 10 days, but knowing my luck the good luck will never come.

So to conclude, I’m just the victim of a chaotic blend of linked instances where there was just the right alignment of events to make for very unfavorable conclusions on my part, or to simplify – I’m having some bad luck.

Sorry, my pessimistic side just needed to vent some frustration. It’s not been all bad this last week. I scored a prime in the final stage of the Valley of the Sun stage race and I avoided running over some guy’s head by 2 inches in a nasty crash. Also my teammate Ben Duke scored third place overall for the Category 2 race.

The times out in Arizona for the training camp were awesome and it makes me and other on the ABC-Aitos guys very excited to be returning to Belgium. Just thinking that in less than 10 days I get to see my girlfriend and start my second season in Europe sends chills down my spine. So as they say in N’awlins (New Orleans for those not from the region) – Les Bon Temps Roullez! or Let the good times roll!

Tot Ziens,
-Gregg Germer-

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