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Hutchinson Team Series Tires: 4th Winner Announced!

Attention PEZ-Readers! The 4th and final winner of our Hutchinson Team Series Tires promo has been selected – ! The lucky winner is Jeff Kearny of Chicago IL – who says he may just start buying lottery tickets after this stroke of good fortune…

When contacted in person, Jeff told PezCycling News: “I’ve decided to go with the CSC Team tires – mostly because I’m rooting for Tyler to put the hurt on Lance at least a few times in the coming weeks. After all, how often are we going to see two Americans (three, if Levi is on form) truly going head-to-head in the Tour? ”

“When I’m not schlepping around the U.S. doing my consulting gig, I’m a Cat III rider with the Chicago- based Higher Gear Cycling Team. Most of my
training rides are on Chicago’s glass-strewn streets – dodging crazed cab drivers, SUV-driving soccer moms, and man-eating potholes. As such, I’llprobably slap these babies on my race wheels and debut them just before the “Superweek” race series (a.k.a. “International Cycling Classic”) kicks off later in the month. My day job has kept me off the bike WAY too much this spring/summer, so the guy with the fancy tires dangling off the back of the pack (drooling on himself) just might be me…”

Check out Jeff’s team site at www.highergearchicago.com

Congratulations to Jeff, and our 3 other winners – Dale Melton, William Muddle, and John Cheshire and thanks to everyone for entering.

The Team Series tires should be in your local shop as you read this – so check ’em out – they’re great tires – and oh so cool!

You can Read The PEZ-Test here.

Check out the full line of Hutchinson Tires at their website: www.hutchinson.fr/tires

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