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Indoor Trainer: The Sound of Music

It’s cold outside! And that means trainer time. Here at PEZ, we sit on our trainers for hours, with all forms of music blowing through our ears. We thought it would behoove us to find out what’s going on with everyone out there, from the lower categories to some pros, and what we found out was rather interesting.

Some folks have it broken down into genres as to what kind of training day they have. Fast days = hard music, slow days = less agro stuff. For others, it’s whatever grabs them at the moment. I highly doubt our esteemed colleague Dr. Cheung would be on board with this less-than-scientific strategy, but for those of us at risk for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD – what a cruel irony, that acronym) we’ll take whatever gets us through. It’s the methadone when the heroin runs out. It’s a simple plan, so to speak.

December in the Midwest – note that this photo is actually in color – NOT black & white. Brrrrr!

The genesis of this article came from my own trepidation of stationary spinning….of having to watch the 1986 Tour AGAIN, and being too broke to buy new cycling vids. So, we at PEZ want to share with you what some folks are doing, and I want to hear from you. Send in your suggestions, your requests, and we’ll talk them up. What’s in your ears, Pez Fans?

For me, I am turning a whole lot of stuff over. I am still true to the old two hour easy spin to Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and I’ll still run through 2 discs at a time of The Police’s “Message in a Box” set, but with the ease of downloading stuff, and the space of the mobile players these days, I’ve been rocking out to some new bands and sounds. Coheed and Cambria is one of my new faves. Some great tunes those boys are putting out, I’d recommend them. Then, from there on, I run the gamut. I’ll go first!

Dave Aldersebaes
Project 5/Evil Cycling Team
Cat 4, Milwaukee, WI
Husker Du, Nick Drake, Fear, Bob Mould, NIN (the album “The Fragile” is an epic ride every time), Radiohead (“The Bends” is one of my all time favorite rainy day records to ride to), John Williams (Star Wars composer – The Imperial March will make you feel like Eddy Merckx!), Vince Guaraldi, Slipknot, Deftones (“White Pony” helps me do better in races. It’s my personal form of doping), Primus (“Sailing the Seas of Cheese” is tops here, Herb’s metronomic yet frenetic drumming is good for cadence), and Tool (but only when I feel reeeeealllly Evil, like, pipes full of raw meat kind of Evil).

Victor Maddox
UPS/Scheller’s Fitness
Louisville, KY
Cat 3 (forever)
It’s a smorgasbord. My favorite may be 2 Unlimited, “No Limits” (with “let the beat control your body” perhaps my favorite cut). Others high on the list:
U2 – Achtung Baby (I could listen to “the FLY” endlessly. It’s what runs through my head on a time trial effort). Club Hitz of the 90s (“More and More” by Capt. Hollywood Project is excellent) DJ Mix 97 (“Keep Pushin” by Boris D’Lugosch is excellent.)
Pet Shop Boys – Discography (I know it’s pretty damn weird, but most of it has a great beat). “Suburbia” is very good). INXS -Kick (“Devil Inside” is hard to beat).
The White Album – Beatles (just put it on and ride).

Team DNA Cycling… it’s in the blood
Draper, Utah
Cat 3, Master
Clash, Cutis Mayfield, U2, Police, Beck, Wild Cherry, ELO, Elvis, NIN, Queen, Blackfoot, Beck, Metallica, Neil Young

A scenario playing out in living rooms across the northern hemisphere… winter training.

John Lieswyn
Health Net Cycling Team
Ames, Iowa (soon to be NC)
While I do have a few hip hop albums (more pop stuff like Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cent) on my iPod, most of my faster training music is British import euro electronica, what some people mistakenly call techno. Ministry of Sound, Aubrey (“Stand Still”), Chicane (“Love on the Run”, “Don’t Give Up”), Dannii Minogue, Deepest Blue, Kevin Aviance, Shakedown (“At Night”) Stuart (“Free…Let it Be”) Trinity X (“Forever”), Venus Hum (“Montana”), Motorcycle (“As the Rush Comes”), N&K (“Cruising Dennis the Menace Mix”)

My current favorite song is Faithless’ “Insomnia”, which was reported by BBC News to be the #1 most likely song to cause a traffic accident. For me it’s the #1 most likely song to cause me to break my day’s heart rate limit.

Todd Kohli
McGuire Cycling
San Francisco, CA
Cat 4
“It’s all over the place, from rap to rock, to “angry” music…at a race it’s the ipod and I have two different playlists some of the songs/artists include: LL Cool J “Mama Said Knock You Out”, Rammstein “Du Hast” Variety of Judas Priest, AC/DC, Metallica, Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit

Kirk Albers
Jelly Belly/Poolgel cycling team
Out East somewhere
Last year it was Segovia, Notorious BIG,
Joe Jackson, occasionally Nirvana.

Sean Moran
The Bike Shop
Chicago, Il
Cat. 3
For Tempo-hard workouts: Queens of the Stone Age; Songs for the Deaf The Prodigy; Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, NERD; In Search of…. Nas and PDiddy; Hate Me Now Junkie XL; Saturday Teenage Kick. For spinning on easy days: Underworld; Beaucoup Fish, UNKLE; Never Never Land

Christian Vande Velde
Team CSC
Boulder, CO
Mostly hip hop, but a little of everything

Eric Sovern
Evil Cycling Team
Minneapolis, MN
Cat 4
Replacements, John Tesch tour de france album – Seriously though, If you listen to it it’s like the perfect rpm for training- and there is a song or two that will get you some interval time.

So sad.

Dave Zabriskie
Team CSC
Nazareth, The Roots, The Marshall Tucker Band. Today I just bought the
new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and an old David Bowie.

So, as you can see, there’s a little bit of every hue in the color wheels under our impetus to spin. And we want to KNOW what’s in your ears, Pez fans…so drop me a note for the next edition of “what’s in your ears”!

You can email Dave at [email protected]

About Dave:
DOB: 6/5/71
Residence: Milwaukee, WI
Category: USCF Road 4
Teams: Project 5 and Evil Cycling
Why I Love Cycling: “Nothing on the planet can hurt me more than my bike.”
Fave Cycling Moment: “Anytime I sit down and trance in front of ‘A Sunday In Hell'”.
Favorite rides: “Any criterium, anyplace, anytime, and of course, Ragbrai.”

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