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Lance Armstrong: Not The World’s Greatest Athlete

– By Gregg Germer –

OK, now that I have your attention and your mind going into hyperdrive contemplating a very harsh rebuttal. Let me divulge some of my reasoning and thought behind this statement.

First off saying, “(Insert name) is the worlds greatest athlete” is a hard thing to do and back up. Athletes come in so many shapes and forms that picking one out of everyone is not even possible or feasible. What criteria are we to apply to qualify the world’s greatest athlete. I can’t think of a list, nor will anybody be able to make up a list which accommodates all athletes.

Second, for the sake of argument, say Lance was given the title of world’s greatest athlete. I would then argue that if we qualify Lance as a cyclist, then one has to bump Eddy Merckx up above Lance. The Cannibal was and is the greatest cyclist ever; he won major tours, classics and even set the hour record. I guess that makes Merckx, and not Lance, the greatest athlete in the world.

Lance Armstrong is an amazing athlete. His return to cycling, in my humble opinion, is one of the greatest comebacks in sports ever. Lance is the man come July and has continued to improve from being Mr. TDF to a more rounded cyclist as he proved with 3rd place at the Championship of Zurich. Who knows, in a couple of years Lance may emerge to become a more dominant figure in cycling than Merckx.

So I’m not bashing Lance like some so called sports writers have been, just saying it might be overstepping the lines with the “world’s greatest” title.

The news from Belgium and the Cycling Center has been very good this week. Over the weekend the team went to Austria for the UCI 1.5 (aka lots of professional teams) Kettler Classic-Sьdkдrnten. A very hilly road race and the biggest one the ABC-Aitos team has done this year. We were able to place Jed Schneider in the main break and he was able to get up over 3.5 hours of TV coverage as the race was broadcast live over Austria. Brian Adams also had a great result on Saturday coming very close to a podium finish at a Kermesse in Oosteeklo. In the end he got worked over and placed 7th, but it was a great race for him.

For me, things are on the right track. Three more weeks of racing and my season will come to an end. I’ll be doing some local races back in Texas, but for the most part, I’m done. I can still remember doing the first race of the year out in South Africa back in January. It’s been a long year, I’ve covered a lot of distance and the finish line for 2002 is in sight.

-Gregg Germer-

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