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Life Insurance: Why All Cyclists Should Get Coverage

When you have a great day on the bike, you feel invincible. You feel strong, you feel fast, you feel like you can handle anything that comes your way. And although the endorphin high is partly responsible for this feeling of invincibility, cyclists do generally live healthier lives than the average Joe. Research shows regular cycling cuts risk of mortality by up to 30% and lengthens life by up to 5 years. Cyclists also have a higher quality of life with reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other debilitating conditions. But even the healthiest cyclists can have a bad day on the bike. That’s when we remember that no one is invincible.

Barbara was already nervous about cycling on the windy, country roads of the Knoxville half Ironman™ when the rain started coming down, lowering visibility even further.  While taking a sharp turn halfway through the race, her back wheel hit a pothole and she lost control.  Barbara’s handlebars smashed into her chest as she crashed, cracking her head against the road. Medics rushed her to the hospital strapped to a backboard. The doctors told Barbara they had never seen someone fall so hard and not break any bones, which they attributed to her fitness and strength. This was of little comfort to her as they proceeded to inform her that she had a lacerated or torn liver.

It took Barbara five months to heal, giving her time to realize how lucky she was. Fortunate enough to be able to ride again, she knew it could have been much worse. She began to think about her husband and children and how their lives would be affected if she was gone. She knew she needed to take the necessary measures to make sure her family would be more than financially stable if something were to happen. It was time to look into life insurance. After researching several different options, she chose Health IQ, a company offering special rates (subject to underwriting approval) to cyclists and other health conscious people.

Health IQ licensed agent James Delucia helped Barbara discover that a 20 year term policy was probably best for her and her family. Term Life insurance covers a person for a set length of time, usually the amount of time they will be financially responsible for someone else. A 20 year term, which would cover her family from infancy through the college years, is the most popular type of life insurance. Barbara found that the Health IQ insurance specialists, many of whom are athletes themselves, know their cycling clients, “Nobody ever wants to take a day off for the physical, but we motivate them by letting them know the results can save them money. Also cyclists love data and who doesn’t want evidence about how healthy you are?” said case manager Alessandra Santiago. Barbara was excited to find out that she qualified for special rates.

Health IQ is a licensed life insurance broker in all 50 states and has helped tens of thousands of health conscious people, including cyclists, save thousands of dollars on life insurance coverage. Barbara is in the process of training for her next Ironman™ and securing her policy. She’s ready to ride hard and fast without worrying about anything but the road in front of her and buying quality life insurance will help her do just that.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Health IQ can help you save on life insurance, speak to their agents to Get a Free Quote.

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