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MailBag: It’s Baaaack…

Ahh the PEZ Mailbag – the local trash collectors finally said I was over my limit, so I decided to answer a few reader queries today. Inside there’s more on the PEZ Kit, bike shoot-outs, FSA cranks, DFL & Discovery, and Tori Spelling (?)…

I Want My PEZ Kit!
I just finished reading “PEZ Cycling Turns 3.” I fully respect that you had the courage to go out on your own and take the lead by creating PEZ. I am a dedicated reader, who appreciates all departments of your site, especially the Tech-n-spec articles. I like the way your site still has a personal feel and professional approach. My only question is: Where can a dedicated reader get a Pez Kit? I know you sell Jersey’s and socks, but what about the Kit?
– Cameron Bennett Placerville, CA

I must say the custom PEZCycling turned out great, and I expected a lot from the guys at Upland Sports and Bergamo. We all ride a lot so I wanted top-quality kit we could use for hours and still be comfy in.

For years I wanted some cool kit that meant something – like a team of my own. So our initial order was to get jerseys, shorts, arm warmers, caps, some jackets and vests for the PEZ Crew – who do an outstanding job writing the stories about what’s cool in procycling. And since we live all over the world and rarely see each other, I wanted something more tangible that could tie us together – hence our own kit. We had some extra budget so I ordered 50 extra jerseys just to see if any readers would not only wear it, but actually pay for it.

That 1st order is almost sold out but there are a few left at GloryCycles.com

I just placed our second order for another 50 jerseys, and these should arrive for another 2-3 months, but you can pre-order now to ensure you get one.

And full kit? – I guess that depends on demand – the shorts feature Bergamo’s best chamois – and it’s very nice – as good as anything you’ll sit on – seriously… pricing would be around $150 – $170 – so not cheap – but the chamois is worth it. Jackets, vests, armwarmers and caps would be priced comparably to other top end gear – so how about we do this – shoot me an email if you’re interested in more PEZ gear- let me know what items you want and sizes – we’ll see where it goes!
[email protected]

Bike Comparisons
It would be great to see a few bikes put up against one another (ala Motor Trend car comparisons) to see what bike would be best for us out there with normal budgets, say in the $3k range for a carbon bike. It would probably be an Ultegra bike, decent wheels. One of the bikes would probably lean towards a stiffer racer and one might be more of a plusher cruiser….
Mike – on the Texas coast

Ahh, the ever popular bike shoot-out! You’re not the first person to ask this one Mike. To run a true shoot-out, I’d like to get a bunch of bikes together, and a bunch of qualified testers, all in a place they could just ride for about a week on all different bikes. This would give us a pile of data and impressions to evaluate and make sense of. Logistically this is a pretty big job that we just can’t do… yet. And we try to avoid doing things half-way…

Our detailed single bike reviews allow us to ride and evaluate each bike over a period of weeks, and go into depth with the review, which is something we love doing. We do however, try to add in comparative notes with each review to help others gauge how bikes compare to each other. – Pez

FSA Compact Cranks
Just curious if you could tell me when you expect to post your review of the FSA SL-K carbon cranks with MegaExo BB? I’ve seen a few hints our your website last year that one is coming and since I’m considering buying a set in the near future I was wondering if I’d get the benefit of your tester’s wisdom and insight before I make my purchase?
– Chris, Victoria BC

Look for the review in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been riding them now for about 5 weeks, and have had no probs, plus my knees really enjoy the added spinning from the compact rings – I may take these to the Giro in May since I’ll be doing a lot of climbing…- Pez.

DFL Misinterpretted

Saw the story on the new Driving Force Logistics team and was wondering if the name is tongue-in-cheek as “DFL” where I race means “Dead F****in’ Last”?
– Wood Thornton

Hmm – is it unfortunate consequence or sly reverse psychology to fool the competition? – at least now we have a reason to look deeper into the results than just top 3….- Pez

Boardman’s Hour Rules
Interesting comments from Chris Boardman regarding “rules” for the hour record.
(See Monday’s EuroTrash) No problem with frame, altitude etc. However, it appears that he rode a skin suit in his attempt (as did Eddy in 1972) and keeping the blood for 20 years ? Is HIS blood on ice, so it too can be tested? There are currently medications that are OK now but might not be in the future, the list is constantly changing. If they start keeping blood for such periods what about every other race prior to this time? I don’t see blood from riders in the 80s & 90’s etc now being tested. Wonder how many races would change if that is done?
– Rex Glimore

Discovery Love

The last two articles on PEZ regarding the sponsor ship ride with Team Discovery) is the most candid feeling of writing I have seen on professional cycling any ware. It doesn’t come across pampas or over cooked. I have to hand it to PezCyclingnews.com and Scott Coady for some great reading. Very honest writing. Thanks!
– Jason Ford

That story is true Scott Coady – he calls it like he sees it, and he writes it like he calls it. I hung out with Scott at Interbike last year, and discovered that in person he really is the same down to earth guy/ rider/ fan I first saw in his film “The Tour Baby! ” That’s why we love him… -Pez

The Story With Tori

Dear Pez, Is the Northwave girl really Tori Spelling from 90210?

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