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MailBag: Love’s A-Bloom!

It’s been too damn long since I pulled on the hip-waders for a pungent plunge into our fermenting vat of emails – the ones that made it through the spam-guard anyway… But Spring is a-bloom and we feel reader love and sprinkle in a few extras for a Friday…

Pez Sez: We do try to respond to most of the emails we get, but we’re now getting more than we can keep up with on some days. So if we don’t reply, or reply right away… don’t think we don’t appreciate you thinking of us and taking time to drop a line, because we do!

PEZ TURNS 6: Thanks To You Readers!
Last week I ran my annual PEZ B-day announcement, which was quickly followed by a deluge of good wishes from some of our best readers – ! Seriously – that stuff really makes our day here at PEZ – so thanks again for taking time to read, and een more time to actually send us an email – here’s a sampling of some of your thoughts…

There are only two bike sites out there worth checking. I won’t mention the first, but you are by far the only one that can entertain me the way you do. Your coverage strays far from the more staid and boring into the exciting and weird, your pages always pop with a different picture or new take on the same old shot, and last but not least your writing is great! By far my favorite aspect to PEZ is its relationship to the average rider. I can look to your site for tips and ideas that inspire me to get on my bike in the middle of my Colorado winter. I dream about chasing races and spending all my time being the bike dork that I am. Until I can manage that and still keep myself fed I’ll keep reading your take on the world of cycling.
– James Whitesides

Hey there Mr. Pez. Once again I want to congratulate you and your staff on a continued job well done. I’ve watched you through the years grow into where you are now. Then the national media caught on and put you guys in Men’s Health. Now, as you noted, you don’t have enough time in a 24 hour period to meet with everyone that wants a “piece of the action.” What a great point to be at. Continued success is all I see for you guys!
– Aaron L. Bull –
Bull & Crowley Mediaworks

Congratulations on 6 years! I have been a regular reader for several years and have enjoyed every minute. It is fun and enlightening to get a different take on some of the events and issues of this sport. You have always offered a fair view of some of the controversial issues and have found a way to inject some humor when it is badly needed, thank you very much for that!

My racing days maybe over but my passion for the bike is still strong, keep up the good work!
– Matt Kraczon

I can’t wait for Euro Trash on Mondays and Thursdays, and most of your interviews seem to have a an element of originality to them. They also seem to be a wee bit more personal and it feels to me like the interviewee reaches a comfort level pretty quickly, drops their guard, and then settles in for the real interview. Very good.

Anyway, [lifting imaginary glass of 15 year old LaPhroaig] “Here’s to another 6 years!”
– Eric

I’m an expatriate of the Tour of Calif. area and really appreciate your coverage and ride details. Its almost like I’m riding myself (although I can drink fine ale while I read your coverage). Once again, PEZ comes through for my fix of The Worlds Greatest Sport!
Thanks so very much,
– Emil (in the heart of frozen Wyoming)

This the best layout and content of any cycling site on the web. I literally check for updates 5-10 times a day. Keep it up!
– Jonathan B Wheeler

Just wanted to wish you and your stellar crew of ‘ Super Domestiques’ a Very HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY and many more years of continued success !!! PezCycling News…ROCKS !!!

Totally Brilliant in Format, Content and Execution.
– ‘Mountain Boy’ – Shropshire, England, UK

The article by Mr. Pez was a gem. Your lack of cynicism is…what we need. Thanks
– Tro Walters

Carrry on PEZ, carry on.
– Doug Reid

I just wanted to send you a quick THANK YOU, for running the story of The Wounded Warrior Project: Soldier Ride. I am a Carmichael Training Systems coach and an Iraqi War Vet and reading this story helped me find a connection that I have been searching for, using my job/passion to help myself and other vets to overcome the barriers that we face when we return to life. – Mike

Sitting here at work I just briefly skimmed through the latest article
Concerning the Wounded Warrior ride. Just looking at the pictures of the guys who lost so much in the war helps me reconnect with how valuable these people are in our society.

It’s stories like this that makes Pez my favorite cycling website.
It’s not always just about racing, it’s about the culture, the people and places that cycling takes us to. Thanks Pez, I really appreciate your wide open point of view of the road ahead…
– Bill

Great story – real human interest since cycling is for real humans, not just the elites! Keep up the great work.
– Gary M. Tobin

The current struggle between ASO and the UCI should be seen as a golden opportunity for the riders/teams to form an elite league of their own with a clearly defined set of rules in concert with the UCI.

Forming such a league would, of course, mean that some new races would have to be organized to replace those controlled by ASO, RCS, and Unipublic. Frankly, I read about and watch the races to enjoy the efforts of the best riders in the world. It matters less to me which events they are racing. And in any case, many of the new races could or would probably be held on the same roads used now.

I do understand the historical relevance of the great races that could be threatened by such a move, and I’m sad to think that they may be compromised. But teams have invested millions to become a part of the ProTour only to find themselves victims of the whims of the organizers, who feel their races are more important than the riders, teams and UCI regulations.

What other choice is there but for those that make bicycle racing at its highest levels the beautiful sport that it is — the riders — to strike out on their own and run their own show?

Weston Reid
Los Angeles, California


As you may know, the Chicago suburbs have become a big hub for cycling with many tri geeks crossing over to become fans of ‘road riding’. With Robbie Ventura’s training business skyrocketing, we have some intense weekday, post work rides. And I’m tiered of them only seeing my plain, black shorts when I drop them!

The problem I see is that not enough people are aware of Pez Cycling News. The ones that are comment on it when they see me riding with my Pez jersey and socks. But I must admit, I don’t feel complete without having the entire kit. I know that the bib shorts exist because I see them being worn on the web site. But I know that they are not for sale to the general public per the guys at Glory Cycles. lay awake day and night wondering how I could buy a pair of these great looking Pez bib shorts. (size Med.) Any thoughts? Once again, I’m more than happy to pay for them or willing to donate to the charity of Pez’s choice in order to get a pair.

Please let me know what I can do!
– Chris Barnes

PEZ SEZ: You are not the first reader to request a set of our most superior PEZ Bibs by Capoforma – I’ll be the first to say the fit, chamois, and durability are excellent (if they weren’t, I’d have changed suppliers long ago). But for now the full kit is reserved for the illustrious PEZ-Crew – the guys who all have day jobs and real lives, but still find time to contribute the stories, pictures, and work that makes us PEZ. Rest assured I’ll make a big deal about it on site when (if) we do offer them in limited release to fans like you, but for now you’ll have to make due with the jersey, socks, and caps available at Glory Cycles.

We stopped and chatted with Elk Man on our way down Sierra Rd. He is from Seattle & is actually an engineer for Boeing. With that in mind I hope your flight back home to VanCouver is on an Airbus.
– Eric

SAY IT AIN’T SO: I am not sure what happened but I feel like I just got headbutted while trying to sprint to the finish. This year at the TOC I was going to look for the Angel at the KOM on Mt. Hamilton just to reinforce the vision of the continuation of a tradition for the new American road race. Now with the news that she (Jana) has been PC’d out, I feel someone has just stolen my carbon Tarmac. If that’s the way Specialized wants to play it——–the new Orca is looking real good……now where is my credit card.
– Dana Farmer

From over here in America your reports and images capture the glory and emotion of cycling like no other “news” site or magazine. Thank you for your race reports, route descriptions, and gorgeous photography. The recent coverage of Lombardia by Edmond Hood and Alessandro Federico may have had its technical and logistical challenges, but the way they conveyed the events of the race and the emotion of the race was masterful. Your coverage tells the story of the giants of the sport and also the feelings in the heart of the common fan, all with well crafted and poetic writing and beautiful images.

A great thanks for bringing this experience into my life as a rider and reader.
– Gordon Boice

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