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Mailbag: PEZ-Fans Want Cipo!

Any way you slice it, the fans love the Tour, and the fans love Cipo – can’t we have these two great tastes together in one race? The emails continue to pour in with support for the World Champ lining up in Paris on July 5. Here’s just the overflow from this week’s Mailbag…

Dear Pez:
I am glad that someone had the “bolls” to say this out to public, and hopefully the Tour organizers will get the opportunity to read this article. Well done! As a cycling enthusiast, I’d like to see the best and most exciting riders in any of the Grand Tours, and Cipo is one of these rider that brings it on.


Ed Note: See Charles Manantan’s Comment TDF Selection – Another Load Of Crepe?

I totally agree that to not accept Cipo to participate is an error, a lack of listening to the fans and an injustice…please have Jean marie change his mind
– Jacques Letalon

This is perhaps the craziest i’ve seen in the few short years I’ve been watching the TDF (’92). There is no other rider that brings such excitement, flair and the physical talent to match to the sport. Cipo is the most exciting to see! Add to that the caliber of teams that WERE selected and it makes me not want to watch the Tour at all; boycotting the very sport I love more than anything. World Champion. Master of stage wins at the Giro. Classics champion. There is no reason that Cipo and his band should not be included. I would prefer to see Cipo alone for one stage more than any of the ENTIRE teams over the whole 3wks in July!

Yes, I’m American. I’m American and from the home of
the current TDF champion. And it’s obvious to me that
Leblanc will do whatever possible to “take away” the
spotlight from ANY other rider who is the sensation that is also not French. Pity. Good for the sport or good for French cycling?
– John Soto

Yes, you have hit all the nails on the head. Cipo is the World Champ for chrissakes, he deserves to be in. Whether he can finish or not is irrelevent, many riders DNF. Also, I couldn’t agree more about having those fat asses riding in their cars sit down at the end of the stage.

Hey Pez,
Everyone has voiced their opinion of why or why not Mario should be included. Like him or not He’s the World Champ. Not inviting the world Champ would be like not inviting last years Winner to the tour. Mario has proved time and again that he is the best sprinter. Aside from the pain of the mountains, it’s the thrill of the sprint that climax’s the flat stages. Who better to get the adrenaline flowing than watching the Zebra train heading for the finale’ and everyone worth their weight in sweat vying for Mario’s back tire!

These Grand tours are put on for the fans and for sponsors to advertise there products either by sponsoring a team or by buying advertising space and air time during the Tdf. It’s not like we’re asking for a D3 team to be included in the Tdf, we’re asking for a Hero to be included. So as a fan and consumer I think it’s time to drop a line to the advertisers of the Tdf telling them that they need to pressure the Tdf board to include DVE and Mario.

Wonder how much money would be lost if fans we’re to not but certain products during the Tdf?
– Jim Volsansky

To have the DVE team which had a better point standing last year than theCoast Ghost team remains that might get a team slot spot if there lucky. Aside From Lance Armstrong being #1 in the TDF. There have been other teams like the Mercury Navigators not picked because of being a good team threat to the other France teams. I hope the future TDF will be more open to talented teams as well as riders so the sport will continue to grow.
– Gordon Christie

P.S. Your site is top notch, I look for tech’n spec news for gear reviews.

Brothers and Sisters of Cycling, I say “Amen!”.
– Brock Berta

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