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MailBag: Readers Shout Out!

It’s Friday, and before heading to your local public house for the post-week pint, there’s a few dribbles that need a wipe. Some great thoughts from some great Readers got me out of bed at 3:25 AM to post this story!

Great Googily-Moogily!
The “Daily Distraction” pic of the blonde cyclist is the hottest pic ever (and that’s saying a lot). Cycling kit often doesn’t flatter women (or men, I guess, not that I notice and not that there’d be anything wrong with it if I did notice, but I digress). It did, however, flatter her. Big time. Find more hot chicks in bike kit, and I’ll start buying stuff from all your sponsors!

Keep up the great work – your site is the coolest thing on the web. Awesome!
– Paul Hurdlow

TDG + ASO = 2.1
They should never change the TDG course from what is 2004, the course in which the organizer talked to Lance and Johan for 3 hours on the phone, Golfers get to design a course, and so should Lance, this was his design, did it take 3 hours? Yes, Did he make it really hard, yes, is it great yes.

Why not get the ASO organization to team up with the TDG, after all, the Blue Ridge Mountains of the N. Georgia are like a mini French mountain landscape, even Mario was quoted as saying, “I never seen anything as beautiful as Calloway Gardens or as undulatingly difficult as the mountain stage 5 was.” Well, I think we just found the history and tradition right there in Mario’s quote for this race, and to give it the global professional rating of 2.1 with the helicopters and ITV/Eurosport recognition it should obtain through partnership through the ASO.
-Mark Berns

Lance To Ride Flanders?
Dear Pez,
I’ve been following your site for quite a while and enjoy it tremendously. I must have missed you in Belgium for the Tour of Flanders. We had a late night rockin’ in Bruges and slept in for start of the race. Luckily we made it to the famed Koppenberg where I was able to climb it 4 times before fainting from the pain. I felt that it was harder on the arms than the legs as I was hanging on for dear life up that climb.

Anyhow, after seeing the pros in such discomfort during the Tour of Flanders it would be interesting to see how our friend Mr. Armstrong would fair in such a race. I think we should propose a challenge to Lance that instead of retiring after this year he should stay on until after next spring and try his hand at the Classics. It may give him a bit more credibility in the department of Greatest Cyclist though still far behind the likes of Eddy Merckx.

Let me know what you guys think.
– Mike C.

Sounds like a good idea to me, and another one for PEZ Readers – why not drop Lance a line at his website and see if we can’t have some influence? Drop in at www.LanceArmstrong.com and tell him what you think!

PEZ To Print?
I love the newsletter but I often don’t have time to read as much of it as I like on my computer. Do you have a print version? How do you subscribe if you do have one?
– Lon Farr

This is the kind of letter that pretty much makes our day here at PEZ HQ. Guess we’ll need to see a show of hands out there – whattaya say Readers – would you buy us in a magazine?

Wanted: Spell Checker
I think it’s really fun and commendable what you all have been doing
with Pez – I check in several times per week and always look forward to
the content you produce. You consistently come up with a view of things
that differs from the huge pubs, and that’s a definite plus.

But. I have noticed, however, that your spelling and grammar are *terrible*.
Doesn’t anyone proofread your articles before you post them?

Hi Tum, thanks for droping aline, and giving it to us straight. Bad spelling and grammer sucks, and we’re now loking for a new spell chaekcer…

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