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MailBag: Time To Get Naked…

We love reader mail – so much that sometimes you just gotta drop the pants and wade on into the pile. Here’s a smattering of what stuck when we climbed out… PEZ Jerseys for sale, the Blessed Madonna, Finding Eddy, American Classic love, anda bunch more.

To Head man of the Pez Cycling news establishment to which I look forward to reading everyday, I have a question. Are yall ever going to sell the PezCycling News Jersey on the open market? Because people like myself would Love to spread the Pez fame to the uttermost regions of the cycling community. I will be looking forward to hopefully buying The Pez Cycling news Jersey soon!
– Dan Bennett, Charlotte North Carolina

Dan, Dan, you da man! And to everyone who’s sent us emails wondering when the all new, world-debut of the first ever PezCycling News custom kit jersey will be available to soak the sweat off your backs… here’s the scoop. We’ve partnered up with the good folks at Upland Sports Group who import the top line (but relatively new to the US) of Bergamo clothing to make custom PezCycling jerseys, shorts, vests, jackets, arm warmers and caps.

The jerseys will be on sale at Glory Cycles and priced under $80. Our initial run will be limited in quantity to about 50 pieces in sizes small, medium, large, and x-large.

My original plan was to get top-quality custom PEZCycling kit for the PEZ-Crew, and we’ve seen more than a few emails from readers asking about how to get ‘em for themselves. You’ve seen the design – it’s got some cool retro-cues that set it apart – but not too much – and the blue color is outstanding to behold with the naked eye – the web doesn’t do it justice, just wait until you see it in person.

Get Your Own Custom Kit
And if you want custom kit for your team or club, check out the Bergamo custom line here.

I read with great joy and interest your article about the church. I was fortunate to be able to make the ride twice last summer while visiting a friend in Bellagio. I laugh a little because on both climbs all I could think about was getting back to Bellagio for pizza at the Babba Yaga restaurant. On the second climb we contended on to Sormano then returned via Nesso. I really enjoyed the topless sunbathing area next to the bar in Sormano. You are right it is truly a top 10 ride. – MKW

Thanks MKW! I’m sure anyone else doing that ride will agree to it’s superior status, and I guess the only way it could have been better for me is if I’d spotted the sunbathers you speak of…. And if other readers missed the stories – read ‘em here and start planning your trip to Italy:
• The Climb To The Madonna di Ghisallo Church .
• Inside The Madonna di Ghisallo Church here.


Johan: ”So Eddy, should I do an interview with PezCycling News?”
Eddy: “Never heard of ‘em…”

Pez: I’m not one to write to websites or anything like this but I just want to tell you and all of the staff at PezCycling News what a wonderful, interesting, best, awesome website you have. I find myself (chuckling and reminiscing) writing this email after reading Interbike 04: Backstage with Pez because of your Eddy Merckx encounter. I have been visiting your site since I have returned from Belgium and the World Championships in 2002. Your encounter with Eddy Merckx and story that follows brings back fond memories of my trip to Belgium and the factory tour Eddy had given us. You will love the factory tour as we did especially when Eddy himself takes you through the building. Be forewarned about the parts room, all the Campy you could ever imagine and then some. Beautiful EM frames hanging from every corner etc etc.

After reading PEZ goes to Belgium (2003 Six day) I could not believe your experiences in Belgium. If I had kept a journal while at the Six Day it would have been almost everything you had done word for word, place to place, memory after memory and so on. I printed your article for my scrapbook to remind me of one of my favorite vacations I have ever had.
– Edwin Onyschak

Hey – glad you enjoyed it! We’ll keep you posted on our connect with Eddy. The Six Day season is on, and Dave & Dave will again be back in Ghent in November – we hope this time Dave B doesn’t pass out after enjoying the VIP hospitality… – Pez.

I wanted to give Am Classic kudos on their 420 wheelset and customer service. I bought a set based on your review and others on roadbikereview.com. On Sunday I was on mile 75 of a 115-mile organized ride (I know, why was I riding these wheels and Pro Race’s on a Century – too lazy to swap my cassette/ wheels) when I came around a curve to some RR tracks. Normally not a problem but the asphalt was raised and rough around the tracks… you get the picture. I decided to try and bunny hop the obstruction and must’ve landed on the raised asphalt because when I came to stop to help another rider who had flatted on the tracks my brake lever was chattering. I checked the back wheel and the rim was caved in the middle and bent where I had landed. I loosened the brake and rode cautiously for a while but even though the wheel was screwed it rode fine. I am 6′ – 4″ and weigh 190 so the fact that the wheel was rideable at all was amazing (BTW I didn’t flat either). I rode to the finish feeling pretty lucky that my wheel and tire were in one piece and that the finish was flat!

I called Am Classic this morning and they offered to replace both rims, upgrade me to bladed spokes to make them a bit stronger for only $400! They are also going to check out the hubs. All I have to do is cut out the spokes and mail them the hubs. What a deal. Thanks for all the great reviews and info!
– Dave Metzinger

We first reviewed the 420’s back in late 2002, and have found ‘em to perform very well in all conditions. In that time we’ve also come to know the folks at American Classic, and can tell you straight up that they really do give a crap about their products and keeping customers happy. There stuff is worth a look for sure. – Pez.

I wanted to let you know that I love your product reviews. They are the most detailed and informative out there. I recently bought a new bike and a friend of mine was bragging about his FSA Compact crank.
When I asked the shop owner about the Compact crank, he said that FSA was currently making changes to the way the crank fit the bottom bracket and therefore, the Compact crank being made now would be obsolete. He also tried to tell me that I did not need it unless I was an old man trying to get up a hill.
Are these just excuses or is there some truth to his words?
– Michael G. Skardasis, M.D.

Funny you should ask – why, it was only yesterday I was on the phone with FSA – teeing up a review of their new SL-K Compact MegaExo carbon crankset. You’ll have to stay tuned for the down lo. – Pez.

Guys, guys, guys… This feature is so f**king sad it’s untrue. You might think it’s funny, get good feedback from the sadoes out there, but please do yourselves a favour, kill it. What you won’t hear are the number of people who say: “Oh yeah, Peznews – that’s the site with the chicks. Sad bastards.” It’s a shame, because the rest of it’s great!
– Jules

There’s one in every crowd isn’t there? – Pez.

Thanks to everyone for writing – and as they used to say on H.R. Puffin Stuff – keep those cards and letters coming!

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