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PEZ MailBag: Not Recommended For Readers Under 4

With baby-induced sleep patterns making my world a foggy blur these days, what better time to drop a used diaper into the old PEZ mailbag and see what sticks… At least our readers have something coherent to say – well most of you do…

The PEZ Baby Update
Mrs. Pez and I are now in the thick of it: missing sleep, changing diapers and feeding bay Alessa so that we can keep changing those diapers. First off – thanks very much to everyone who sent notes of congratulation and best wishes – we really appreciate the kind words and as I suspect all parents know – with baby taking up so much time, replying to emails has dropped down the list… But she’s two weeks old today, and regained her birth weight a couple days ago, so even though she’s still tiny, everything is good. I even got a couple rides in last weekend…

Baby Alessa Pez.

In Response to: A Cyclist’s Warning. Based on the large amount of emails we received, this story hit home with many readers…

– I found the article by Paul Ellsworth eerily familiar. I also had a stroke in February of 2005, but made up my mind that I was going to ride my bike again and be as good as I ever was. No cause was found for the stroke, and I began training for a week long ride in North Dakota scheduled for August. Prior to leaving for the ride, my heart doctor suggested a stress test on a treadmill. From that test it was determined that I had one coronary artery that was 98% blocked and two others that were 70% blocked. Considering
that I had done Ragbrai and a ride across Wisconsin(about 4000 miles total) in the prior 12 months, this was quite a surprise to me. I have fully recovered from my triple bypass surgery, and have logged about 700 miles since then.

I had some minor symptoms of heart disease, but because of my age(41) and a lack of family history, these were ignored by my doctors and myself until I had the stroke and triple bypass surgery. My regret is that I was not persistent enough in my efforts to get to the root cause. Please remind your readers to visit their doctor annually for a checkup, get a heart stress test if they are over 35, and if they think something is wrong with their body, there probably is.

I’m a big fan, and visit the web site almost every day. Keep up the great work with the variety of topics, pictures, and personalities.

– Duane Bockenstedt

I want to be like him when I finally grow up (almost 42). Anyway, comments (photos) about his achievements were mysteriously absent from your piece. He is one of the only reasons I had fun following road cycling this year. Great rider, great team, and great bike! I bleed Celeste BTW.

After Heras at the Vuelta, and a recent article in Outside Magazine, about L.A.’s pending lawsuits, the sport risks falling into the abyss again, that is, for the average fan. Super fans, I think, are not naпve (about “dopage”), but live (and bathe) in de “Nile” river most of the time, just to enjoy the sport they love so much. But if every champion is caught, regardless of who, what, where, and why, i.e. WADA’s self-promotion. Then, at some point the sports’ credibility takes an irretrievable nose dive.

That’s why DiLuca (the “Killer”), was a breath of fresh air for this cycling fan’s 2005 season!

All the best to PEZ, and a Happy New Year!!!
– PEZ Fan Kris

Pez Sez: Diluca’s impressive list of palmares can be found on his website at DaniloDiluca.com.

Not necessarily one to give feedback, though I always have an opinion – PCN’s Top Ten for 2005 was right on. But the pieces on Cipo & Lance were extra-superb & right on the money.

Anyone throwing outright negativity their way & claim they love the sport would be hypocrites. Yeah, some stuff from either Cipo or Lance may not always sit right with folks, but they brought much needed attention – and admiration to the sport on a grand scale. Thanks, for being the first cycling publication, to my recall, that blatantly points out Armstrong’s influence on the sport whether racing or for leisure & health. All this great volume that allows manufacturers to get better & better at what they’re crafting is either directly or indirectly due to Lance’s heroics. Cipo was just great at the Tour de Georgia, he genuinely enjoyed the US, its fans and the race. And once working at a major cancer center, if you’re close to it – personally or otherwise – you just have to respect Armstrong’s efforts on & off the bike, period. Happy New Year.

Gerry Barber
Valrico, FL

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy PezCycling News.com. I like it because, it’s written for me…the bicycling fan/road biker/common man and not “dumbed-down” in an attempt to expand the readership demographic nor is it over-the-top rude & crude like some hard-core MTB and underground, uber-partying, college-age Road Racer websites that I’ve unfortunately come across.

I like your product reviews because, for the most part, you review stuff and use language in your analysis of bikes and gear that I may one day actually purchase (when I come out of semi-retirement from raising kids). And, like you mention, in your “About Us” part of your site, you’re ONE OF US. That means a lot. And oh yeah, not only do I enjoy your interviews, you keep them archived nicely, in case I want to review them later.

Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy locking myself in the bathroom Sunday mornings with my latest issue of VeloNews. But, for daily cycling updates (not to mention distractions), I hit the Pez Site a couple of times a day.
– Scott A. Wells

Thanks Scott- you’re obviously a man of excellent taste. – Pez

Okay your getting over weight in your photos, stop shooting pictures of your wives.
-Russ Berns

Pez Sez: Jeepers Wally, we could go so many ways on this one… like:
a) attempt to explain the true depth and breadth of female beauty to him, but think I’d rather clean my chain.
b) figure out how much we’ve been charging Russ to read PEZ, and refund his subscription fee
c) sign him up for a dating service so he can find a wife of his own and stop wasting so much time looking at women on websites
d) encourage Russ to be part of the solution and send us some pics of his own – he might even earn some socks…
e) solicit other reader suggestions…

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