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Online retailer euroduds.com sells high quality European-made cycling clothing. Purchasing goods online is becoming more commonplace everyday, but we still want to know who we’re buying from, so here’s an introduction to euroduds.com and their founder Lisa Hunt…

The company’s headquarters are in Fairfax, California, in Marin County. Lisa, an elite cyclist and category 1 road racer, came up with the idea. “I see cyclists all over Northern California wearing jerseys and shorts from teams like Banesto and Mapei.” She recognized the interest, and combined that with the increasing popularity of the internet. “I’ve always wanted to combine my passion with my business expertise. I worked in the advertising and marketing industries for years and realized that the corporate world was limiting in enabling a person to follow their passion. As a result, euroduds.com is a perfect choice for me: I can enjoy my life, my cycling and my business.” Lisa’s husband John, who raced professionally for the past 2 years, is also involved in the business. He worked in the retail bicycle industry as a buyer and leads the buying for euroduds.com.

“The market for these clothes is tremendous, even though it’s a ‘niche’ market,” she says. Currently, European pro team wear is sold in bike stores and through mail order. “But it’s only a small part of their merchandise, so they’re limited in what they offer,” she claims. “We’re only selling ‘euroduds.’ Nothing else. And, most importantly, it’s authentic – the clothes that the pros wear,” emphasized Hunt. “We think we can significantly expand the market here in the U.S. This is the European version of the 49’ers or the NY Giants’ football jerseys!”

Okay – so what makes the clothing “authentic” – are they supplied by the same manufacturers that supply the various pro teams?

To us, authentic means “the same as the pros wear”, so we specifically request from our distributors that we get the same clothing that the pros get. Keep in mind, that most of the pro riders are significantly smaller than the “average” riders, and therefore, many of the pro’s clothing is custom made, in smaller sizes. We offer a broad range of sizes, so that anyone can wear the clothes.

What’s Your Difference?
While there’s a lot of competition in the European pro team clothing retail business, Hunt believes that the real difference for euroduds.com lies in three areas:
1) the breadth of the offering – not just jerseys and bib shorts, but also a broad array of accessories,
2) the inclusion of smaller European name brands, such as Bergamo and Etxe Ondo, rather than the standard Giordana and Assos lines, and
3) customer service. “We listen to our customers, we respond quickly to their questions, and we ask for their input on products. If there’s a problem, we want to know about it, and we’ll do our best to get it resolved. We want to have a relationship with our customers, so they’ll keep coming back for more!”

Shipping – can customers choose how fast it ships? if not, how long to fill an order in the USA?

A customer can choose between USPS Priority Mail (3-5 days) or FedEx 2-day; or global priority mail for international orders. However, we also accommodate requests for overnight delivery if necessary. Importantly, when items are in stock, we either ship the same day that the order is placed, or it goes out the next business day. If the item is back ordered, we inform our customers immediately, and ship it as soon as it arrives. To expedite this, we often have the distributors ship directly to the customer.

Interestingly, euroduds.com’s customer base is as broad as its product line. “We have customers from all over the world! The Canadian market is huge for us, as is Australia and New Zealand. We’ll ship it anywhere….as long as there’s a post office!”

Is there anything special about your website shopping engine – what payment methods do you offer – I presume it’s very secure?

We have a completely secure site, with a shopping system that my web developer, Alec Uitti, created. We wanted to create a shopping experience that mimics our customers’ needs. As a result, there are different ways to shop on the site: by team, by name brand, by type of clothing (jersey, bib short, etc.) The “shopping cart” is fairly standard, and we try to make it as simple to use as possible. And while some people prefer that retailers hold on to their personal information, so that they don’t have to fill out the form each time, we prefer not to do that, for security purposes. And we do not give customer e-mail addresses to other companies.

Any plans to create your own line of clothing?
We’ve actually been considering making a jersey with the euroduds.com logo on it. Of course, the manufacturer will be from Europe!

So check ‘em out and tell ‘em PEZ sent ya! (hey – why not?)

Toll Free (for U.S. customers) – 1-877-EURODUDS, and for international, 1-415-453-4342

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