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Merry Christmas From PEZ!

On this day before Christmas, the last thing you’re probably doing is reading this, but thanks for stopping by and making us part of your Yuletide celebration (or escape)! And thanks to everyone for joining us at PEZCycling in 2006, and making it our best year ever.

The weather at PEZ HQ in Vancouver is seasonably chilly at 5 degrees Celsius– but we’ve got a break between winter storms so I might just get some rides in this holiday. A year ago I was about to become a dad, and was excited and stressed about how that would go…

I’m happy to report it’s going pretty darn good. Our daughter Alessa arrived unexpectedly 4 weeks early, which was actually a good thing as (I’m sure any of you dad’s out there will agree) living with a beloved but pregnant wife can only be slightly more difficult than riding those 500km Tour stages in the early 1900’s…

Mrs. Pez and I will be sharing our first Christmas as family with our daughter Alessa.

As a first time father this last year has been a blur… our once tiny (5lbs 2oz) baby girl has grown into a 20 pound wonder of human achievement – you parents know what I’m talking about. We got through her hip displacia ordeal in September successfully and she’s now into a brace that allows here to sit up and move around a whole lot more than the body cast she was in for two months. The best part is that she’ll grow up walking, running, and riding a bike like a normal kid.

Here at PEZ things’ll be a little quieter – but look for EuroTrash as always – and to help you fight that Holiday boredom, we’ve decided to repost some of the BEST PEZ of 2006 stories for your reading enjoyment. We posted some 900 stories and features this year so there’s plenty of great moments to be savoured one more time.

We also wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas – or holiday celebration of your choice.

Best Wishes from the whole Pez-Crew!
– The PEZ

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