What's Cool In Road Cycling

PCN Announces New Column!

Today we welcome the newest addition to our team of cycling journalists!. Rusty Beall is a 3rd year pro riding with the brand new Health Net cycling team. I knew Rusty was the right stuff for the PCN team when I saw a photo of himself and two beautiful podium girls at last year's Vuelta.

Dubious Achievements Awards

With all the great things that happened this year, it was also another one for the books for fowl ups and mind-numbing behavior. The cycling world has seen some bad years, but for cycling fans, this one comes close o taking the cake, and the respective governing bodies should be shaking in their skins at the thought of trying to maintain credibility. So without further ado…

Most Influential Rider Of 2002

Part of the ongoing and rewarding task of being a PCN contributor is the constant demands on one's mental ability to form an opinion. Right? Wrong? No matter - it really is the thought that counts... As part of our ongoing year-end celebration of 2002 "moments", we asked our guys "who was the Most Influential Rider"... And aside from possible mis-interpretations of just what defines "Influential", the popoular vote went to...

Worst Rides Of 2002 – Yuck!

With the "Best" also come the "Worst" - Rides of the Year that is. The PCN panel showed up (as usual) with the full round-table of ideas & opinions, but one rider came out on top as a clear winner - of the losers... Almost unanimously was...

Best Ride Of The Year Winner: Museuuw!

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the bunch, the peloton was quiet, not even a punch! So what better way to honor our sport than with our own Awards Ceremony! You're all invited, the show is about to begin, we've got a seat reserved for you right in front (of your computer, that is....) Today's first installment of the PCN Cycling Awards goes to the winners of the "Best Ride of The Year" Category...

Homeboy Wants You!

Gregg Germer, our resident "homeboy" is spending the winter at his real home in Texas, training and working, so he can return to Europe again next year to continue chasing his dream of joining the professional ranks of cycling. His weekly journal entries at PCN gave us some pretty cool insites to exactly how pro racers are made. Let's face it - we laughed, we cried, we lived through the saddle sores of pounding out endless kilometers of cobbled roads in coastal Belgium - where 40km winds and…

A Forgotten Hero: Roger Walkowiak

This is the first installment in a series of racing stories from a time before most of us were born... Being in the business of reporting daily news, we've become even more aware of how quickly things move on, and how soon we forget what happened even last week. I recently had a very interesting conversation with Jan Didier - a cycling fanatic like us. But unlike us, his passion for the sport is it's rich history.

Meet Campy Man!

What happens when your interest in collecting famous riders' jerseys and clothing (then getting them to autograph each piece), gets a little carried away? You begin telling your friends, family members, pets, and if you're anything like Robert MacNeil from Toronto, Canada, you start a website called "Campy Man.com" - and start selling the stuff!