What's Cool In Road Cycling

BEST OF 2022: Super Tuck & Puppy Paws: What the Riders Think

The International Cycling Union announced new measures to improve rider safety. The UCI will be stricter if riders 'take dangerous positions on the bike'. The UCI refer to the 'super tuck' and 'puppy paws' positions. Riders will first receive a warning, but after April 1st may be suspended. Here is what the riders think.

BEST OF 2022: A Case Against TT Bikes

earlier this year Egan Bernal ran into the back of a bus that had stopped to let a passenger off. The Colombian Tour and Giro winner was training on his time trial bike, this has sparked discussions on social media about the dangers of TT bikes.

RIP Vittorio Adorni – A Champion and a Gentleman

Vittorio Adorni was one of the classiest riders to sit on a bike, at a time when there were many top riders: Jacques Anquetil, Jan Janssen, Felice Gimondi and sometime teammate, Eddy Merckx. Adorni died early on Saturday morning at the age of 85, Ed Hood looks at the great champion and his life.

The PEZ Crew’s Holiday Greeting – 2022!

As we close out 2022, and many of us look back on a year of reconnecting with old friends and new, the PEZ CREW would like to thank our readers and sponsors for your support, and share a few thoughts for this Holiday Season.

PEZ Picks 5 Top Cycling Videos of 2022

In addition to picking our Top 10 Best Cycling Books of 2022, we found time to settle up in front of the bigger screen to soak in some of the year's best cycling videos, films, and series. With so much interesting and varied streaming cycling content available now, choosing just 5 for this list wasn't easy.

PEZ Gets To Grips With Handlebars!

What's next for the humble handlebar? Who knows, but Ed Hood has been examining the most recent developments of the 'cow horns' at the front of the bike. Aero is the thing of the moment and the 'bars need to cut through the air like a knife, time for a handlebar rant.