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Personal Roubaix: Colorado & Virginia

Race fans – here are two more Personal Roubaix accounts from Pez Readers – seems no matter where we live, we just can’t help but get out there and suffer on Sundays… (or Mondays, Tuesdays, …)

Personal Roubaix: Boulder, Colorado
Frank Overton from Boulder submitted his account of his local mile high Hell – “Pro 1/2 Men raced 85 miles while citizen categories raced 2-4. Our field probably had 90-100 starters and only (gasp!) 25 finishers. Other categories like the Cat 4’s had up to 75 finishers.”

I packed it in after 4 laps. There is a pic of me leading the chase. Right after that I got my teammates close enough for them to finish the job off.

The Boulder Roubaix has a rich history. Previous winners include Henk Vogels, Scott Monniger, and Danny Pate. In 1999 it was an NRC race but since then it has just been the unofficial city championships.

Will Frisckhorn (Saturn) won followed by Andy Bajadali (Ofoto) and then Tim Johnson (Saturn).

This year the dirt roads were pretty beat up and full of washboards. I would guess over 50% of the racers experience some kind of mechanical (mostly flats) and one of my teammates cracked his frame. A lot of guys bust out the tubulars for this race – unless they don’t mind flatting.

Frank Overton is also a regular contributor to the ToolBox training and fitness section of PezCycling News. Read his latest column here.

Photos courtesy of Beth Seliga, For more pics see www.3catsphoto.com

Personal Roubaix: Harrisonburg, Virginia
Chip Atkins from Harrisonburg Virginia dropped us a line from yet another part of the world – As for last weekend, slide over to www.shenandoahbicycle.com and check out the spring classic Harris- Roubaix. I was a finisher, albeit out of the top 10. I didn’t have much for the final lap and I was overtaken by several riders. I underestimated the climbs and had to spend a lot energy to make it over them.

I attended last year’s edition of the Tour de ‘Burg and it was one of the best bike races I’ve ever done. I cracked at the end so hard! It was great.

Leaving Court Square Downtown Harrisonburg

Here’s the pre-race blurb:
Sunday April 13th will be the forth running of the Harris- Roubaix, to celebrate both the finest one day road race the Parris-Roubaix and the great gravel roads of the Shenandoah Valley. The ride will casually leave from town to North West of Harrisonburg where a 13-14 mile marked loop consisting mostly of gravel road will begin. There will be several people out to casual ride one loop and some ready to race three laps on the way to capturing the prestigious crown of the Harris-Roubaix. Please come and join us in the celebrating the fine gravel roads of the Valley!!

More info give us a call at 540/437-9000.

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