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Pez AWARDS: WORST Ride of 2003!

So the Awards “bandwagon” rolled by and we jumped on… But in true PEZ spirit, we’ll do it our way. 2003 saw as many crappy performances as it did great ones, and since the best way to learn from our mistakes is to have our noses rubbed in them one more time… we submit the category of WORST RIDE of 2003…

The Nominations for WORST RIDE OF 2003 are:

Worst ride: Ivan Quaranta in the opening team time trial of La Vuelta, I think it was after 3 kilometers he cracked and went for a pie and chips.

Cipollini’s stage 1 of the Vuelta. In fact most of Cipo’s year as World
Champion was a disgrace to the jersey.

Anyone remember Ivan Quaranta’s performance at the Vuelta? Nope ….. didn’t think so.

For sheer bad luck, it’s got to be Cadel Evans, virtually anytime he got on a bike this past year. Were you a tax man in your previous life, Cadel?

Cipo’s whole season not only the Vuelta. Moaned all the time
but he does that anyway but it is normally balanced out by his wins, this year he didn’t win so much ….so his moaning became more evident and from June onwards he didn’t race not for any good reason. Is that the real way to honour the Rainbow jersey??

PEZ SEZ: Of all the worst rides in 03, you gotta feel or Beloki’s Stage 9 at le Tour. He was on fire, having a great season and in the form of his life – this was going to be his Tour and he was pressurizing Armstrong at every chance. But alas, we’ll have to wait till next year to see if he’s a good as he promises.

Whoever caused the crash on the 1st stage of the Tour this year, kudos for really screwing over some people’s seasons, notably Levi Leipheimer, and Tyler Hamilton as well, but at least he was able to finish, and finish well.

I’ve got to give Cipo two of these: one for his less than noble performance at Ghent-Wevelgem, definitely not befitting of the Lion King, and the second for his premature celebration at Tirreno-Adriatico and subsequent loss to Oscar Freire who laughed about the move later and said simply, “An error by Cipo.”
Jean Marie LeBlanc for not allowing a very motivated WORLD CHAMPION Mario Cipollini into the Tour de France, what a terrible move. The only man that could actually go head to head with Alessandro Petacchi this year as well as being the reigning World Champion was left out, in favor of, who again? Ridiculous.
Aitor Gonzalez and Santiago Botero, what happened? True, Gonzalez animated a few stages in the Vuelta, but really, not a damn thing from either.

“Mr. Lion King, paging Mr. Lion King, please report to the TTT at the Vuelta.” Oh wait, you’re out of shape, and embarrassingly slow, having to be literally pushed by your own teammates to keep up. The worst ride of the year, no doubt.

With the overwhelming amount of nominations for last years World Champion – El Rey Lenoe himself – who needs a vote? – We’ll just give it to him! But you can still vote for your BEST RIDE of 2003 in our SURVEY SAYS …!

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