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PEZ Logo: Gets Inked

Gritting teeth, blood pounding through temples, heart rate near max… Is it Pez training for his impending trip to the Giro? Normally yes – but last Saturday, under the calming gaze of Mrs. Pez – our fearless leader went under the tattoo needle to immortalize his nickname – and website logo – !

Dateline: Sacred Heart Tattoos, Vancouver BC, May 7, 2005

What’s a little body art among friends, couples or even husbands and wives? Mrs. Pez and I decided it was in fact a good thing, and so chose this past weekend to take a plunge and get tattoos. We’d actually decided to do it 18 months ago, but Mrs. Pez – being of “discerning taste” – only just signed off on what tattoo she’d get (I’m sure you husbands can relate…)

Under the skilled needle of Michie – Pez preps for a life altering moment.

Mrs. Pez’s chosen design – delicate, stylish, and sexy – so appropo!

Hurt? It doesn’t hurt…. Maybe a little at first…

The final art – in all it’s glory – coming soon to the roads of Italy!

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