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PEZ Presents PEZ 2009!

It’s been a long time coming – and now it’s fingers crossed that the chewing gum and masking tape hold as we get this baby up to warp speed. It’s a new look for PEZCycling, that hopefully makes it even easier to find and enjoy your favorite stories and photos.

No new Years should pass without a comment from the publisher, but with the launch of our new website, I’ve been a little busy the past few weeks making sure the new PEZ would fly. I’m happy to report we have lift off, and although we’ll never switch to auto-pilot, I’ve at least got as few minutes now to say Happy New Year to PEZ-Fans everywhere, and fill you in of the new site.

What’s New
The original Pez site was designed in 2002 to the standards of the day – monitors were smaller and most ran 800 pixel resolutions, and high-speed internet was nothing like now. It was my increasing feeling in the last couple of years that we were outgrowing the existing Pez site. We have over 6000 stories in our database, and many of them – like Interviews, Tech N Spec, ToolBox, Travel & Tours, Top Rides, and Features simply don’t age like race reports or current news – these are the worthy reads that have inspired readers to get out and ride, step up a training program, and help decide which bike to buy next.

The new site presents more of our content on one page, so you can easily scan a broader and deeper range of our work. Our Search Pez function is now part of the main navigation in the masthead, and you can choose either main Search Pez page, or just type in a word or phrase in the space and click return.

Growing Up
The page is obviously wider – we’ve grown from 770 pixels wide to 1100. This allows for better use of today’s bigger monitors – the space is there so I say use it. The new PEZ looks better at 1280 or higher resolution – so if you’re still running an old monitor (1080 or lower resolution) – remember that monitors have never been less expensive – and we invite you to upgrade soon – ‘cause the future is here.

The wider page also answers the call of my advertisers who’ve asked for larger ad formats. We now incorporate spaces for internet industry standards of 300×100 Rectangles, 728×90 Leaderboards, and 300×250 Boxes. Unlike other websites, we don’t have a magazine and expensive ad pages to pay the bills, so our revenues are solely dependant on the space you see on your monitor.

Savvy PEZ-Fans will look forward to seeing what some of the best cycling related companies want you to know about their products – these ads are not distractions, they’re a heads-up and invitation to see and consider something that will make your bike faster, your ride better, and your time on your bike more enjoyable.

Our PeloPics and Daily Distractions photo galleries are always at the top of most viewed pages, and with access to the stunning photos of Cor Vos, Darrell Parks, Sabine Jacob, and more of the world’s best shooters, it was a no brainer to give more homepage space to the kind of imagery that makes lasting memories.

What hasn’t changed is our content. We’re still the place to find what’s cool in pro cycling – our perspective remains that of cycling fans everywhere. For me the best part of this gig is being out there – at the races, riding the climbs and courses that are the battlefields of our sport, sharing time on the bike with friends and fans, and doing the stuff I used to just read about. Second best is writing about it, and sharing what I – and the entire PEZ-Crew think makes our sport so special.

I hope you enjoy the new look PEZCycling – there’s still a bunch more to come as we continue the evolution, so stay tuned, thanks for reading, and let us know what you like, don’t like, and want to see more of…

And be sure to leave some time to get out and ride.

– Richard Pestes

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