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Bravo! This week’s Mailbag is the fattest ever – chalk-full ‘o kilobytes – ! And I’ve added a new feature today – yes – I actually “answer” some of your questions! Here’s what you have to say about Podium Girls, Philly Fans, Tyler’s LBL, The Trek 5900 and the last words on Cipo’s Tour (I promise…)

Philly Fans Corrected
A goodhearted, humorous look at the things that make the U.S. Pro fun. But be advised that the fans did not boo Santa in the Vet. Fans booed Santa at Franklin Field, long before the Vet. He apparently showed up to do a parade lap at an Eagles game…drunk! The fans were not impressed. Keep up the good work.
– Jeff Guistwhite

Love your webpage, some great interesting articles, however your best feature “Podium Girls” is sadly lacking in any recent updates. I trust you are in the process of preparing some new images???
– Mike Thomas, Sweden

Are there no Italian Podium Babes?
– Wayne Deppen

Hey when do you expect to get some new photos of the podium girl section?
– Gary Thompson

Dear Readers – I can only agree that our Podium Girl coverage has been scant – however, I personally pledge to dedicate much of my time at the TDF to presenting the best “distractions” France has to offer – or I’m not The Pez! – Pez.

Trek 5900 Road Test Update
Hi Guys.. enjoy your site immensly…Wondering if there was any update on when you may do a road test on the Trek 5900…Looking fwd to it already..
– Ben James

The problem with the 5900 is I’m riding it so much, I haven’t found the time to actually write the report! I’ve logged several hundred kms now and will have the full-on “ride” report in July – Pez.

American Spring Classics Winners?
First of all – I love your site – the content, articles, photos, reviews, etc. In all the talk about Tyler’s win at LBL, I’ve been wondering is the first time a rider from the United States has won ANY Spring Classic?  By Spring Classic I mean a World Cup Event.  I was discussing it with a friend of mine and we can not recall any other rider from the US winning a Classic – Spring or Fall.  Please let me know what you think – if you have a moment. Keep up the OUTSTANDING work.
– David A. Long

Tyler’s the first American to win a Spring World Cup Event. Lance has finished 2nd in Zurich (’92), 2nd Liege (’94), winner at San Sebastion ( Fall ’95), 2nd Amstel Gold (’99, ’01) and 4th Amstel Gold (’02) and a – Pez.

The Last Words On Cipo’s Tour (I promise!)
Ok, here’s how the World Champion, and perhaps the best sprinter to ever play the game can still get into the tour. First, change the team name to something French sounding, like La Vacanze du Domine or something like that. Then, tell everyone that the sponsorship is French, or sounds French, or used to be French. Cipo then has to learn to speak French. Or maybe not. Probably wouldn’t endear him to the male population of France. Whatever. Of course, he could always join a French team. Tell me FdJ or Cofidis
wouldn’t leap at the chance for someone who can actually compete. You would then have a competitive French team, much like the Credit Agricole 2001 version, and Jean Marie LeBlanc would have no choice, right? You think he’d really??…. Nevermind.
– Michael S. Marine

Hello, Not including the World Champion in the Tour de France makes me wonder what kind of bogus race the organizers are trying to rig. We want Cipo, Lance and Ullrich.
– Clint Rehn

Tech N Spec Test Request
You are the best cycling news source for gear coverage and reviews. Would you consider testing the new “Cat Claws” light brake calipers? (see www.cat-usa.com ). I’m a certified weight-weenie, but they cost a lot for a new product with no market feedback so far. Your testing would be helpful and intersting.
– Matt S.

We would be interested in doing a test for sure, and we’ll look into it. We’ve got a number of products on the “test bench” right now, and you’ll be reading about them in the coming weeks.- Pez

Dunc -Slams Ballerini

I’ve read a lot about cycling. I own most English language books on the subject of racing. But the best short essay has to be Duncan’s interview with Franco Ballerini. I was smiling like an idiot when it was over andwishing for more! Keep up the good work.
– Roger Curtis

Thanks Roger – we’ll do our best to keep you smiling… – Pez.

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