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Time really does fly when you’re having fun… and based on the thrills, spills yuks and shmuks we’ve had over the past 4 years, we’re light years from where we started. Truth is we’ve come way further than I ever imagined, but like Phil Liggett says… “don’t look back because the race is in front of you!”

But what good would a big birthday announcement be without a little navel gazing…?

A lot of you fine readers have been with us from the early days, but more than half of you joined us in the last year, as our readership more than doubled in 2005 over 2004, to an average of 145,000 readers each month. In terms of cycling websites – that makes us pretty big – I’m pleased to say.

Although the exact date of PezCycling’s launch has been lost to the sands of time… I know it was in February 2002 that I pushed the button and hung out my own piece of cyber-shingle announcing to the world (and elsewhere) that PezCyclingNews was open and offering our own brand of cycling commentary for whoever cared to look…

From the start my intention has been to provide distinctly different content from the other cycling websites – cycling content that is entertaining, fun to read, and informative. Our focus remains top level Euro racing, and presenting the many sides of the sport we don’t normally see covered elsewhere. If you’re a PEZ-Fan, you’ll agree that cycling is pretty much one of the most fun things you can do… and I say reading about it from the comfort of your own cubicle should be the same.

One of my best days on the bike – high atop the Colle della
Finestra at the ’05 Giro, there’s nothing fake about that smile.

Let’s Get Real
We’re not solving world hunger, saving the environment, or championing other lofty causes (although we do throw our support behind things we believe in from time to time) – we’re just telling stories about bike racing. … And riding, and cool bikes and gear, awesome places and events to ride, and talking with top pros and personalities, great ways to enjoy those rides with the tastey food and drink, and of course appreciating the beauty of the opposite sex. In a way, we’re the ultimate Daily Distraction.

In the early days, before we had actual measurable readership, I’d gauge how well we were doing by reader emails. For the first 18 months of PEZCycling, when there were no advertisers, and only a couple of writers pitching in, and no light at the end of the tunnel… I’d find motivation to press on from reader emails. That fact that someone out there was actually looking at the website, and then took time to write and send an email was astounding… and proudly gratifying.

Those emails got me through some dark days when I had no ‘real job’ and no income. I’m happy to report than now we get a lot of reader emails every day, but unhappy to say that I’m no longer are able to reply to all of them. So if I don’t reply – please don’t take it the wrong way… I guess it’s the downside of success.

And I say “success” humbly and with great thanks to our readers and of course the most worthy PEZ-crew who make this whole venture possible. You readers may be tracked only as ‘clicks’ by our stats software, but to our advertisers and the cycling industry at large – you are the most important people in the world – so important that advertisers are willing to pay so that you’ll see their ads on PEZCycling. How do you feel about that?

I’ve worked longer and harder at this job than any other I’ve had, and am pleased my efforts allow me to support my wife, baby daughter, and cycling lifestyle. No job has ever been so satisfying or rewarding – it really is true about “following your passion”.

What’s Your Point, Coach?
The point is thanks to everyone for making it possible for me to do what I love. I’ve never been more committed to the success and continued growth of PEZCYCLING than I am today, and 2006 will be our best year ever. We’re planning more coverage from big races, and taking our game to a higher level – but I promise to not forget our roots and reason for doing this in the first place… if I become driven by anything other tan my love for cycling, I promise to hang up my cleats pronto.

So let’s get out there and ride… and when you get a little time from family, work, and life’s more important things – drop on in and “Get Pez’d”.

• Wanna know how we got this far?… read the brief story behind PezCycling

Milestones – Some Hilites of PezCycling News
Feb 02 – PezCycling News Launches
July 03 – After slow but steady traffic growth, readership declines during Le Tour, Pez Ready to pull plug.
Aug 02 – Pez Gets Vuelta creds, Al Hamilton spends 2 weeks taking photos of Spanish podium girls – Daily Distractions are born. Traffic takes off.
Sept 02 – Tech N Spec & ToolBox sections are added
Jan 03 – Trek becomes first to send a bike for review, the 5900.
Feb 03 – Phil Liggett grants us interview.
June 03 – First custom Pez Socks arrive from DeFeet.
July 03 – Pez gets TDF Creds – joins press caravan in France.
Jan 04 – Lance Armstrong grants Pez 15 minutes exclusive interview.
Feb 04- We have Lift off – advertising revenues sustain meager existence. (Search for ‘real job’ called off.)
April 04 – Pez goes to Spring Classics, rides pave.
July 04 – Readership goes over 140,000 – sets record.
Jan05 – First custom Pez kit arrives from Upland Sports Group and Bergamo Clothing.
May05 – Pez heads to Giro, drinks much grappa.
July05- PEZ TAV (Tour Assault Vehicle) gets yellow card for speeding.
– readership cracks 200,000 mark- new record.
Aug05 – Completes trifecta of Podium Girl interviews from Giro, Tour, and Vuelta
Sept05 – Getting dropped by Lance at Tour of Courage.
Oct05 – Interbike: More manufacturers want to meet with us than we have time for!
Jan06 – Baby Alessa arrives 4 weeks early – Pez starts women’s team.

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