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PEZ Welcomes 2012!

While the turn of the New Year is when we typically take stock and look ahead, this time is even more meaningful here at PEZ as we approach the eve of our 10th anniversary, and take a minute to ponder how much has changed, and what hasn’t…

My holiday season starts with the intentions of dialing back the work, dialing up the rides, starting cocktail hour somewhere other than my desk, and spending more time with my family. But instead of January 1st finding me rested, refreshed, and relaxed, I find that each year I’m actually relieved to get back to the somewhat predictable ‘routine’ of being back to work.

Ten years ago – getting back to work wasn’t always part of my ‘routine’. Before I started PEZ, and I was slogging through a phase ‘between careers’, someone advised me that we tend to highly over estimate what we can accomplish in a year, and – highly underestimate what we can accomplish in ten years.

So here I am – on the eve of the 10th year publishing PezCyclingNews.com, and those words ring truer than ever, an even better reminder to take a look around, take stock, and appreciate what I have.

While this year seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, thinking back to December 2001 when PEZ was still on the drawing board, and the the ‘go’ button was still to be pushed. It seems like a lifetime ago – which in many ways it was.

Let’s see – since 2001 I’ve managed to:
– find & marry the girl of my dreams (only took me 38 years to find her)
– become a father to two beautiful, healthy daughters (that took a lot more trying than we’d expected)
– started this website and turned it into the best job I’ve ever had.
We’re closing in on our 10,000th story (I sure hope my database is programmed to count past 4 digits…)

Making a list of all these things really helps me see how much has changed, and appreciate that all the hard work, lost sleep, and stress that goes with it have indeed produced some notable accomplishments, and the things I’m most proud of.

I don’t think I’m any different than most guys in my position, or anyone else who’s taken on the responsibilities of providing for their family, sharing the load of raising two children, doing your share to keep the house in order. Of course I don’t really know that answer since I’m too busy to actually talk to other guys about how busy they are… And if I do get an extra hour for me, I’d rather ride than talk…

One thing I didn’t know ten years ago, like I know it now, is that accomplishing something worthwhile really does takes time – getting outta bed every day and taking even one step forward really does get you closer to the destination. That’s a weird concept these days – since the digital age has made everything happen so much faster – waiting, and patience are less a part of our lives than at anytime in history.

But that patience, and taking the time to stay the course, are two of the many things that got me to a point where I can actually write these words – and why there are readers like you out there actually looking in.

For 2012 I’m really looking forward to savouring the next 365 days like that welcomed sting of a freshly poured negroni. And I’ll be encouraging the guys of the PEZ-Crew to enjoy the success of our original, different, and entertaining content they’ve helped create. Like anything worthwhile, not every day is easy, some aren’t even fun, but like climbing a long mountain pass, being able to look back at the road travelled and how far you’ve come is one of the best rewards.

Then you spot the next peak that’s even higher… and you keep pedaling.

Thanks to everyone for joining us in 2011, and here’s to a safe, healthy and prosperous 2012 to PEZ-Fans everywhere – I hope to see you on the roads out there.
– Richard Pestes, Publisher

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