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PEZ Welcomes Bouncing Baby Girl!

In a move that surprised even the most road weary road warriors, the Pez and his beloved Mrs. Pez dug deep to score the winning move by sending a happy healthy baby girl across the finish line on Wednesday night…

The screams and sweat, cheers and tears could have matched any Grand Tour finish but this time they signaled the arrival of the newest member of the PEZ-Crew – the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Pez.

Coming four weeks early, we never expected a break from so far out to last, but in true PEZ-form, Mrs. Pez dug deep and carried our daughter all the way to the finish, well clear of the field, for one sweet delivery.

Holding one of life’s great miracles, my daughter Alessa. And no – I did not wear the jersey for the delivery.

The surprise move started Tuesday afternoon, and the victory salute on Wednesday at 7:44PM signaled a hard fought 3 hour battle, but as we all know – getting into the decisive break can transform a rider into something very special.

For my part – I took on the role of ds – driving the car, attending bedside, encouraging and making sure both mother and baby were well –equipped for the tough hours ahead.

Doing my best to add encouragement and find words of motivation, I told Teresa she was in the winning break on Alpe d’Huez – in the final for the toughest of Tour stages.

Each contraction was an attack by another rider and she had to dig deep to answer each one, claw her way back, stay with the group, then launch her own attacks to break the competition.

She came through with flying colors – I’ve never seen her work so hard or show such strength – she was beautiful.

Into the final 100 meters we could see the head… still neck and neck with no clear leader –
then 50 meters – baby pulls ahead by … well.. a head.
25 meters and the pace slows, but only for a second or two –
– a split second later it’s shoulders – body … and the rest – !!!

The crowd goes WILD!!!!! Cameras flash, shouts and sobs of joy fill the delivery room – !

What kind of baby is it….?

A girl!

5lbs 1.oz.

Definitely a climber’s build – but I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

We’re all doing fine – expecting to return home Saturday and start this new and (as my buddies with kids tell me) sleepless next phase of life.

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