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Pez’s Best Roasted Potatoes with Olives, Rosemary, and Red Onion

Here’s my favorite recipe for roasted potatoes with olives, rosemary, red onions and lemon. They’re easy to make, tastey, and packed with nutrition – perfect for cyclists.

I like eating good food, but don’t always have the time to prepare something I really want to eat. Many years back I used this recipe to woo Mrs. Pez, but as life got busier with kids and well… life, my meal choices evolved to things that required as little prep as a possible. So even things like washing and cutting potatos took a back seat. Then I discovered these little guys from the Little Potato Company, and while I’d never really paid attention to “branded” potatoes before, I bought a couple bags at my local grocer.

Watch how easy this recipe is to make in my video…

For us cyclists – potatoes are a near perfect food – packed with potassium (even more than bananas), vitamin C, they’re also gluten-free and fat-free, and a very good source of fibre and iron.

The label says it all: “No peeling required”, and “Pre-washed” – I love ’em already. But the real test is with my famous and yet amazingly easy recipe for roasted potatoes with olives, rosemary, and red onion.

They’re super easy to make:
1. Pre-heat oven to 400F degrees
2. Open bag and pour desired amount of little potatoes into a mixing bowl.
3. Pour in a couple glugs of your best olive oil, then toss to coat all potatos. This adds a nice flavor as the skin absorbs the oil.
4. Chop up one red onion into bite sized chunks and add to bowl, tossing with oil as well.
5. Spread spuds and onions onto a foil lined roasting pan (the foil makes for easier clean-up).
6. Add a handful of your favorite olives, and sprinkle with some fresh rosemary sprigs on top.
7. Season with ground pepper and salt.
8. Pop into oven and roast for 35 minutes at 400F degrees.
9. Eat and enjoy!

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