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“Slam-Dunc” Reader Survey: Results

On his recent trip to that hot-bed of desert cycling – Egypt – to hang with the Domina-Vacanze boys, Duncan had a chance to mix it up with some locals and imported Italian tourists who were there to ride a gran fondo (that’s a big group rde for you mangiacakes*!). Never one to miss an opportunity, Dunc conducted an impromptu interview to get a read on what the masses thing makes the cycling world go round…

When asked about what chance does Pantani (with his newly operated stream lined ears!) have of a Podium Finish if he rides the TDF?
– 75% thought he had no chance what so ever,
– 5% gave him a 100% chance(True Pantani fans)
– 10% gave him a 30% chance
– and I’m sorry to say but 10% just laughed .

So I asked what they thought Pantani’s chances were of a podium finish in the Giro?
– 56% thought he had no chance what so ever but
– 12% gave him a 100% chance,
– 28% gave him a 50-57% chance
– and I’m still sorry to say but 4% were still laughing!

Then I passed onto the World Champion Mario Cipollini and ask what chance they think he has of winning at least 5 stages at the Giro?
– 56% said yes without hesitation
– 8 % said no chance
– but 30% gave him a 50% chance and
– 6% said “BOH” (meaning “I don’t know”!, also see Homer Simpson in Italian)

Now onto that other man that knows how to win… Lance Armstrong. I asked what possibility Armstrong has of winning his 5th TDF?
– 90% said with no doubt he will win,
– 6% said a 80% chance while
– 3% said 50% chance while
– 1% didn’t answer but had at least stop laughing!

When asked who they thought could beat Armstrong:
– 80% thought it could Ullrich in the correct condition
– 8% said Botero
– 10% didn’t know and
– 2% said Beloki.

Talking about the Italian National team, 100% gave their true faith in Ballerini as Team manager but when asked if Italy would repeat the win of last year in Zolder in Hamilton ?
– 82% thought Italy has a better chance than any other Nation,
– 7% said no chance,
– 11% gave a 50% chance.

So onto who is a nice guy or not…………….
– 99% thought Armstrong is a nice guy,
– 62% thought Cipollini is a nice guy but 20% thought he is “Cosi cosi” meaning ok but not too much!

Pantani got a thumbs down as only
– 48% thought he is a nice guy ( I bet if he starts winning again he’ll get top nice guy votes!!!)

And as for Franco Ballerini………well….. 100% nice guy! Everybody likes him! (how do you do it Franco?)

As for this year’s winner of the Giro.
– 78% think it will be between Casagrande and Simoni ,
– 20% said Frigo
– 1% said Garzelli and
– 1% said Pantani .
Would you believe nobody said Aitor Gonzalez!

Would you believe that 62% enjoy more the new style Vuelta for it’s shorter lively stages than the long bone crunching stages of the Giro and TDF.

100% think that the TDF should accept Cipollini in the TDF, 72% had heard of the new up and coming one day race star Daniele Bennati (see Interview at PCN later this week) and check this out……… 11% didn’t know who Cipollini’s new team sponsor was… (remembering that these people are cyclists lodging and being interview by the pool in a Domina Vacanze resort!!!)

So there you go……. This is what the regular Italian wine drinking cyclist thinks of cycling.
Bye for now

(* NOTE: “mangiacake”: def: Non-italian, Wonderbread eating homies.)

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