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That Was 2019… The Best of PEZ

The Best of 2019: You have already seen which were the ‘Most Read’ PEZ articles of 2019, but if we look at each month we get a different picture. ‘Toolbox’ and ‘Tech n Spec’ still come out on top, but with more variation to the result. Here are your favourite PEZ articles on a monthly basis from 2019… and what a mixed bag!

How Teammates Benefit Climbing Aerodynamics January 8, 2019 by Stephen Cheung
Toolbox: Since the era of Banesto, Postal, and now Sky, the Grand Tour climbs have turned into massive team lead-outs, with Indurain, Armstrong, Wiggins, Froome, & Thomas protected by an armada of climbing domestiques. But is there an actual benefit to having teammates pacing on climbs?

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/toolbox/band-of-brothers-teammate-benefit-while-climbing/

Pantani Remembered: The Beginning of the End by Alessandro Federico
For many of us February 14th marks Valentine’s Day – the day to remember and be with someone special. For cycling fans; this year also marks the 15th anniversary of Marco Pantani’s death – a spectacular and controversial rider still loved by thousands of fans today. Ale Federico was one of these fans, and remembers that day his hero started to fall…

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/features/marco-pantani-remembered-the-beginning-of-the-end/

PEZ Talk: US Pro Paul Willerton by Edmond Hood
Ex-Rider Interview: Paul Willerton was a US professional road racer when it wasn’t as fashionable as it became during the Lance Armstrong era. Willerton raced and trained beside Greg Lemond at his height and when he retired was instrumental in the downfall of Armstrong. Ed Hood had to hear the full story.

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/interviews/retro-talk-us-professional-paul-willerton-interview/

2019 SEA OTTER GEAR-1: Cycling’s Best Kit from Monterey California by Charles Manantan
The Sea Otter Classic ocean-side gear fest rolls out Parlee’s latest RZ7, Repente Saddles Magnet TT, POC’s Latest Headwear and Ceramic Jersey and CloseTheGap’s new bits.

With the end of Interbike, the Sea Otter classic seems now to be the years best chance to catch new gear. With most of the major bike makers in attendance and a fleet of new and developing brands on hand, Sea Otter had to open up new areas to hold all of the companies on hand.

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/technspec/2019-sea-otter-gear-cyclings-best-kit-from-monterey-california/

PEZ Picks the Best Cycling Team Jerseys… EVER! by Edmond Hood
Cycling Fashion: Ed Hood has been admiring cycling sartorial elegance for more years than he would like to admit, and he is not too enamoured with the modern designs. Time for Ed to look back over the best pro jerseys of the past and pick his favourites and not so popular team kits.

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/features/the-best-cycling-team-jerseys-ever/

Roland Della Santa Remembered by Edmond Hood
If you check out pictures of the diamond in the rough that was the young Greg Lemond you’ll see the words, ‘Della Santa’ on the chest of his racing jersey. Frame builder Roland Della Santa supported the young future Tour and Worlds winner and continued to build frames for him right up until his days with Roger Zannier’s famous ‘Z’ equipe.

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/features/rest-in-peace-roland-della-santa/

Paul Sherwen’s Tours Remembered by Alastair Hamilton
As the 2019 Tour de France congregates in Brussels for the ‘Grand Départ’ on Saturday, there is one man missing from the biggest bike race in the World – Paul Sherwen. Paul, along with Phil Liggett made up the ‘voice of cycling’ and the Tour will not be the same without him. Most years we have managed to have a chat with Paul during the build-up to the start of the French Grand Tour – Here is a selection of Paul’s best memories.

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/features/paul-sherwen-tour-de-france-remembered/

Officina Battaglin POWER+ Project Build: Unboxing the Frame by Richard Pestes
VIDEO: Battaglin POWER+ Project Build: Unboxing the Frame

Here’s the first in my series of building up this custom Battaglin POWER+ disc brake steel road frame set. In this video I unveil – and unbox the fresh new frame from storied Italian builder (and 1981 Vuelta a España & Giro d’Italia winner) Giovanni Battaglin.

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/technspec/battaglin-power-disc-road-frame-project-build-unboxing-the-frame/

Readers’ Rigs: Ritchey Swiss Cross or Gravel Bike by Chris Selden
As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, today’s Readers’ Rig is a gravel grinder from the back roads of Toronto, Canada built around a classic Ritchey Swiss Cross frame, Ultegra gearing and Enve carbon clincher wheels. The ultimate bike for some on and off bitumen adventures?

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/readersrigs/readers-rigs-ritchey-swiss-cross-gravel-cross-bike/

Ed’s Rant: Bike Tech – How Far is Too Far? by Edmond Hood
With the British Cycling team unveiling their new Lotus/Hope steed for the Tokyo Olympic Games next year, Ed Hood has had a look at this piece of art and at some of the other ‘weird’ bikes of the past. Aerodynamic and functional, but also damn nice to look at, what else do you want? Ah yes, UCI approval.

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/features/eds-rant-bike-tech-how-far-is-too-far-lotus-hope/

Plant-Based Diets for Cyclists – A Game Changing Resolution? by Gabriel Martins
Toolbox: When a Netflix documentary gets more attention than actual research, I fear for whatever may come next. I’m obviously referring to the recent documentary #Gamechangers that is getting everyone turned on and apparently making the general population and athletes wanting to go vegan (sorry, the current label is now “plant-based”). But the advice is based on faulty science and anecdotal evidence at best.

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/toolbox/plant-based-diets-for-cyclists-a-game-changing-resolution/

The Road to Road Tubeless by Chuck Peña
Road Tubeless Tech:
Thinking of making the jump to tubeless? PEZ-Man Chuck Peña has leapt into the unknown and fitted a set of Pirelli Cinturatos to his Irwin Cycling AON TLR wheelset. Chuck runs through the tire fitting and the potentially disastrous sealant injecting to find the ins-and-outs of going tubeless.

Full article here: pezcyclingnews.com/technspec/the-road-to-road-tubeless/

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