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Mabuse: The French Disconnection

Banned from all things cycling, Dr Mabuse is back again (and again…)
The question about who would make it back to cycling first, Willie Voet (The Festina Team assistant caught with the goods sparking the “Festina affair”) or Bernard Sainz (the Infamous DR. Mabuse) has been answered, or at least “no commented”.

The last we saw of Bernard Sainz (B.S.), he was pulling away from a police stop in Belgium, where he was cleared of any wrong doing, but not till after he had pointed in the Direction of Frank Vandenbroucke’s House as his last stop (where they found a batch of EPO, Corticoids and Morphine). This was also strange as it happened in Belgium when Sainz (who has been under investigation by those speedy French guys since Bill Clinton was in Office) was by French Law (insert chuckle) not to come in contact with athletes, provide products or medical advice (he is or was a Veterinarian I believe, which may explain Frank VDB’s dog prescriptions), and is not to leave France.

Now it seems as though B.S. (AKA Dr. Mabuse, after the movie character who uses mental powers to dupe those around him) has found his way to Cameroon as a registered assistant to the Amateur French team VCBO. VCBO Team president indicated that he understood that B.S. might show up, he had never made B.S. acquaintance and knows nothing about him. The team’s directeur had no comment.

Along with the lack of knowledge at VCBO as to how a guy can be a registered Team Assistant without the president of the team knowing anything (strange in that a small amateur Team doesn’t exactly travel with a staff of many), a few things were still foggy. Chief among these is how was B.S. IN Africa when he isn’t supposed to leave France, and how did a guy who is banned from association with Sport in France come to be an assistant on a French team?

Does anyone else hear the theme from the Pink Panther every time the words “French investigation” come up? And does anyone else agree that, weather in reference to this case or most other cases, French investigations concentrate on B.S.?

Charles Manantan

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