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Season’s Greetings From The PEZ-Crew!

There’s a great camaraderie here at PEZ, and although we’re scattered across the globe, the warmth of the season makes the distance a little smaller. So today the PEZ CREW has gathered to thank readers for your support, and share a few thoughts as we close the year with family and friends.

Richard Pestes – Publisher

Another year of living the life of a self-proclaimed ‘cycling journo’. The Pez-Family’s trip to Italy in the Spring was a hilite, even if I had to supplement my regular rides with sessions pushing the stroller. PS – those small wheels suck on Roman cobbles.

It’s kind of a milestone Christmas for us this year: my parents have landed for the Holidays, both our girls are at really fun ages, and everyone is in good health to enjoy it all. Our oldest daughter Alessa (almost 5) is fully aware of the season – the decorations went up mid-November and the tree was in place December 5th. Our youngest daughter Loredana has started walking (much to our cat Popeye’s chagrin) and I expect the house to be full to laughter and cheer in the days ahead.

As always, cocktails will be served at 5PM precisely – one of my favorite family ’traditions’…

Last year I lamented how life had picked up speed and I was struggling to stay in the bunch, always feeling like I might lose that last wheel in front of me. The days of chewing the handlebars had no end in sight, and little by little they joined into weeks, which strung into months, and became another year in the life. I guess I’m adjusting, since that pace doesn’t bug me quite so much any more.

With the support of the ever-loving Mrs. Pez, I somehow avoided the dreaded complete loss of fitness that I’d heard often comes after child #2, and instead had some pretty good days on the bike – my rides at Sanremo week were fantastic, the Mortirolo wasn’t as hard my second time around at this year’s Giro, and I managed an 88th/ 954 riders in my age group at the RBC Whistler Gran Fondo.

Yep – this is a cool as it looks – taking my family to the Giro.

On top of it all, the PEZ-Crew posted another magnificent year of completely original content. After almost 9 years of recording and sharing our views and opinions on the sport, I remain convinced that what we do is worth the effort.

I’m excited about another season of exciting racing ahead, and continuing to share my passion for cycling with you readers, my good friends in the cycling community, the clients who consider us worthy of their advertising dollars, and the one & only PEZ Crew.

Thank you PEZ-Readers for joining us. Enjoy this season with the people who matter most, get on your bike if you can, and be sure to say hello next time you see us on the roads…
– Richard

Alastair Hamilton – EuroTrash, Spanish Office
A Christmas Message From Spain: Christmas is in a couple of days and the sun has come out. The oranges and lemons are ready for picking and I need to chop some wood for the fire, it’s not cold enough for a fire, but…well it’s Christmas and it’s nice. The shoulder of lamb is marinating and will be going in the oven for Christmas Eve, Christmas day my wife and I will be going to my Portuguese mother-in-law’s. Lots of very good food…the bike will need to be ridden in the New Year.

Oli, the cat we got last year now has a little sister, Aila. She likes the computer and looks at Pez, let’s hope she has some good racing to read about in 2011 and less drug scandals!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from Spain. ЎBon Nadal!

Edmond Hood – Roving Scribe
It was a great year for me, I observed our sport from sun baked concrete tracks in the Caribbean to the top of a mist enshrouded Lagos de Covadonga in the Picos de Europa by way of the storm lashed cobbles of the Kwaremont in the Flemish Ardennes.

The races, the riders, the fans – all great, I love them. We still have the, ‘King of Sports.’

I’m lucky, I have a wonderful circle of family and friends. Marlene understands that if I didn’t disappear to bike races then I wouldn’t be me.

Dave and Martin are the best companions a man could wish for when you’re ‘on the road’ in Europe.

Richard keeps placing his faith in me, and Jered continues to turn jumbles of worlds and pictures into good looking articles.

And of course, there are our readers; there would be no point to it all without them, thank you all – it’s still the biggest buzz when someone says; ‘I really enjoyed what you wrote about . . .

Christmas will be about family and friends for me. But I’ll take time to spare a moment for those we lost – Laurent Fignon, Aldo Sassi . . . .

And another moment for Floyd Landis, I hope that 2011 is the year he finally finds whatever it is he’s looking for.

I hope that your Christmas and New Year are all that you would want it to be.

Dr. Stephen Cheung – Toolbox Editor
After the world travels last year, 2010 has brought some relative calm to life as an academic. Rather than globe-trotting, this year has been focused on reconnecting with my family. Chief amongst this has been a week spent cycling through my home province of British Columbia with my brother Ken in July. Despite our sharing some many activities growing up together, from high school basketball to cycling to graduate supervisors, we’ve never been tremendously close throughout our child- or adulthood.

Therefore, this was a great opportunity to do something we both love with no distractions – no internet, cell phones, or work to get in the way. We also packed only one tent, so we had no choice but to get close again! I’m happy to report that we had a great time and are already planning more cycling and snowboarding trips in the future. If you have someone who you really want to re-connect with, make 2011 the year to do so and you’ll never regret it.

2011 looks set for a banner year, with our family moving to Europe for a year beginning next summer during my sabbatical from Brock. Current plans include stints working with colleagues in Finland, Belgium (cyclocross in the fall!), Greece, and Holland. Have a terrific 2011 and make it your best cycling year ever!

Matt Conn – Italian Office
Greetings PEZ readers: Once again 2010 has been a big year for me. I had great fun at Milan Sanremo, the Ronde van Vlaanderen, the Giro and the Tour de France for PEZ. In the middle of the year, EuroTrash readers may have noticed (or not!) that I disappeared from the scene. With both a new job starting and a new baby arriving, something had to give and family and work have been the big focus.

Christmas for us this year will be a calm time spent at home and rather than heading for the ski fields of Austria, we will be taking things easy here in Udine with the kids. With two in the house tis time around we are all looking forward to the fun of Christmas morning.

Thanks to everyone for reading and also to my PEZ colleagues for a great year of fun and banter following the bikes. Here’s hoping in 2011 I’ll be out on my bike more than once every two months!


Corey Sar Fox – Italian Office
For New Year’s here in Italy, one concludes their meal by eating a pig’s foot stuffed with more pig called zampone with lentils. This tradition is supposed to bring wealth in the coming year. Well, last year I ate a ton, really a ton of this stuff. I even ate it for left overs for the next two days (because no one really eats this fatty slop, they only politely taste it to humor the host). Eating a grape or two is also rumored to secure fortune with much less gastronomic effort involved (and don’t forget the red underwear).

As friends joked about my legume intake and gassy out-takes, I seem to have had a pretty good last laugh this year. It’s been a good one from all of the most important perspectives, Pez-writing included. This reminds us that the hard road is often the most rewarding. So I’m looking forward to celebrating another New Year’s with friends and family and wishing all our readers (at least the ones that like my stuff) to get their fill of pork and beans!

Charles Manantan – Tech Editor
2010 was a great year. It wasn’t great because anything in particular stood out as fantastic. Instead I just got a lesson in how many people had to deal with things that I somehow managed to avoid. The job was steady, my house
is worth a lot more than I paid for it, my family is together and healthy… When the thing you find yourself wishing for is more ability to help other people that need it, you have it pretty damned good.

Of course none of that has to do with bikes, but then most of the really important things for most of us happen when we can’t reach the pedals…

Happy Holidays from the Manantan Family

Leslie Reissner – Literature
At this time last year I was looking at the frozen slush of Ottawa, Ontario and thinking of the good cycling and good times to come in the next 12 months. Well, a year later and I am looking at completely different frozen slush here in Dűsseldorf, Germany, on the banks of the Rhine, and thinking of all the good cycling-I am within shouting distance of the Spring Classics in Belgium, the Netherlands and France-and good times to come. The year 2010 was mixed for me: low points were a recent family situation, the stress of moving, and, on my first ride in the glorious German countryside, falling off my bicycle and wrecking my fine Pezcycling jersey, not to mention my self-esteem. But I have a new jersey and new confidence going into the new year. 2010 saw positive things too: my fifth European cycling holiday, this time in the Pyrenees and Languedoc-Roussillon, and climbing the legendary Mont Ventoux on a glorious hot July day; acquiring a gorgeous 1981 Masi, just like Dave Stoller’s in the movie “Breaking Away;” relocating to Germany and a great job.

There were lots of great books and DVDs to review this year and I look forward to even more in 2011 as the quality of cycling publications continues to rise. I will ride more gran fondos: Amstel Gold in the Netherlands; Bonn-Eupin-Bonn in Germany and Belgium; l’Eroica in Tuscany. I will ride long-distance bike routes, marking history in Germany, including the Roman wall and the route eastwards of Charlemagne. I will try track racing and learn how to build wheels properly. I will ride in the Alps in Austria with the best cycling friends anyone could want. I will be strong and thin. I will not fall off again.

My recent family experience tells me that we need to make the most of what we have. To all the readers of PezCycling News around the world, I wish you the best of holidays with friends and family, and to make every day count, no matter how smooth or how rough the road.

Marvin Zauderer – Toolbox, Sports Psychology
Happy Holidays from lovely Marin County, California!

This has been another remarkable year. I’m grateful that my counseling, sport performance, and executive coaching practices are doing well, and I thank my colleagues at Networks Counseling Center and Whole Athlete for their support, inspiration, and partnership. I went through the Hoffman Process this year, and that has been life-changing — it has transformed me, my relationships, and my work.

I continue to volunteer for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association and its state high school mountain bike leagues, which are multiplying like rabbits, thanks to Matt Fritzinger and an army of wonderful staff, sponsors, volunteers, parents, and kids. Texas and Washington are coming soon….

My three greatest cycling moments this year: (3) With my friend Kevin on Bonny Doon Road during the Tour of California, 5 feet away from Mick Rogers attacking Levi and DaveZ on that hill, just 30 minutes after riding it ourselves, (2) Fending off 4 attacks in the last 2K of a road race and beating the guy to the line, (1) Experiencing the incredible San Francisco-to-LA AIDS/Lifecycle ride with my friend Matt: 1900 riders, 500 volunteer “roadies”, 8 days, 545 miles, $10 million raised for HIV/AIDS services. And “Red Dress Day.”

Thanks so much for supporting PezCyclingNews: You make it possible for us to write about the sport we love. Special thanks to all of you who read my Sport Psychology column, and to those of you who email me with questions and comments. I’m grateful for your interest and support.

Wishing you peace,

Darrell Parks – PEZ Photographer
Happy Holidays to All! My life as a photographer for PEZ began with a daily distraction submission taken as a fan at the Tour de Georgia (Yes, I did get a pair of socks!). It’s hard to believe that was over 5 years ago and I’m now a credentialed photographer shooting major stateside races like the Tour of California. It’s great to be part of the PEZ team. Thanks for believing in me Richard!

My 2009 season started off at the cold and wet Tour of the Battenkill in up state New York and concluded with the US Pro Championships in Greenville, SC. All total I covered 16 amazing days of racing this year. Add to that another 5 special events and that’s a total of 3 weeks away from home shooting my cycling heroes. I’d really like to thank my family for allowing me that time to pursue my passion.

What I remember most about this year though is the time I spent with the Wounded Warrior Project. From capturing their Dolphin experience in Florida to their meeting with President Biden at the White House to riding along side them in Annapolis, MD – all truly inspirational and moving experiences for me. I’d like to thank them for their service and sacrifices – please do the same if you get the chance!

Thanks to all for a great year, and here’s to an even greater 2011.

Philip Gale – Roving Racer
Another mid-winter and festive season is upon us. In these long cold nights it is time to stay inside in front of the orange glow of a log fire. I will be spending Christmas with my family in the UK, then back into racing on the 26th (cyclo cross) 28th (4 hour mountain bike enduro) and 2nd (50km mountain bike enduro). No rest for the wicked!

Thanks to all the Pez readers for the support in 2010. I hope that you all have a great festive season and a fulfilled and happy 2011.

Gord Cameron – UK

So it’s not the most obviously Christmassy picture here but this is what my little part of Scotland looks like this Yuletide. A rare sight indeed. Stark, black branches written bold against clear, blue skies instead of merging into leaden grey. Pure white snow on the ground with rickety, rusty bracken fronds poking through … and the Pez colors airing proudly on the line.

It’s been great to share some of my (mis)adventures with you, the Pez readership, again this year. All I can do is wish you all cloudless skies for the next twelve months. Ride safe and remember what’s truly important in life.

Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Щr nuair a thig i … Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.

Dave Aldersbaes – USA

Happiest of Holidays to all the Pez readers out there from Portland, Oregon. It was a great year in 2010, and 2011 looks to be another amazing year for our beloved sport. The ups the downs, the drama, and best of all the racing!

This holiday will find this reporter on his bike, doing a Christmas day century around the roads of Portland and Multnomah Falls, then settling down to a big Holiday meal with the other orphans banded together here in this fine city.

Heartfelt best wishes for all to have wonderful holidays with their families, friends, and loved ones!


John Howard – ToolBox

Those of us living in Southern California are ready to dry out after the wettest Holiday season that anyone can remember. I’ll be staying close to home, Encinitas, and with fingers crossed, I hope for a little sunshine and blue sky, something we have not seen in several weeks. With actual family no closer than three big states, a few friends and I will take a nice long bike ride, another scarcity of late. Come to think of it, maybe they are my family. I wish them all a season of success in their competitive pursuits.

Jered Gruber – Miscellaneous
Looking back at 2010, I can’t believe everything that happened. I’ve never had the privilege of doing so much and seeing so many things. Above all, our wedding on September 4th stands as the happiest day of my life so far. It was of course amazing beyond words to finally marry the love of my life, but the part that surprised me the most was the realization that we have the best family and friends in the world.

I feel so lucky, no, I think I can speak for Ashley as well – we are so lucky to have such fantastic people in our life. I know that no matter what, we’ll have these people in our life forever. That’s the best gift ever.

I can’t wait for what’s to come in 2011. I can’t wait for the adventures we’ll have, the friends we’ll make, and the fun we’ll have with our current friends. I can’t really say where we’ll end up or what we’ll do, but I know it’ll be interesting at the least and most likely a whole lot of fun. There are so many ‘can’t waits.’ If it’s anything like the last twelve months, I’ll be pretty excited. Thanks for reading, thanks for your support!

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