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The Tour of Courage: How The Journey Began

Four years and four tour victories ago the quest to bring Lance Armstrong to Calgary to help raise money for Cancer research began. Joseph Dutton, a Calgary oil executive and Ironman triathlete undertook a personal mission to raise $6 million to sponsor a research chair in Molecular Epidemiology at the Tom Baker Cancer Center.

View to the peaks, 5km from the summit of Highwood Pass.

Along with millions of people around the world, Joe was inspired by Lance and his personal story. Immediately he wanted Lance to be part of this vision. All he had to do was to convince Lance to break from his hectic training and personal appearance schedule and come up to Canada.

Taking a lesson from the teamwork of Lance’s US Postal Team, Joe assembled a team of professionals and executives under the banner of what is now the Calgary Tour of Courage Society – dedicated to raising the $6 million needed.

Highwod Pass in June. You’re in God’s country.

The society partnered with the Alberta Cancer Foundation and Dr. Chris Brown, head of research at the Tom Baker Cancer Center and himself a passionate cyclist. Members of the society include: John Dielwart CEO of Canada’s largest Energy Trust company, Arc Resources; Lois Milne, a physician who is head of student health services at the University of Calgary; Al Fowler, CFO at Arc Financial; Doug Mair, An investment advisor and 1st VP with the Richardson Partners Financial Ltd.; and Joe himself, president and CEO of TriOil, a small oil and gas exploration company.

Three years of hard work and persistence paid off in 2003 when Lance agreed to come to Calgary to speak at the Beyond Courage fundraising dinner event. With $1.4 million net being raised, this event surpassed everyone’s including Lance’s, expectations.

The climb gains 3200ft and is the highest paved road in the Canadian Rockies.

So with this first successful event under their belt, in the spring of 2004 the Tour of Courage Society again approached Lance to come back to Calgary for another event.

Lance agreed, but wanted to make this year’s event different from last year’s. So he suggested bringing some of the people from his team and coaching staff who helped make him the success he is. From these conversations the Tour of Courage ride over the Canada’s highest engineered road, the Highwood Pass, was born.

For Lance to come back to Calgary for a full weekend event so soon after his first visit is indeed a tribute to both the importance of the cause and how well the Calgary Tour of Courage Society has organized this unique experience.

The route begins a short drive southwest of Calgary, and lies between some of the most majestic peaks anywhere.

The weekend includes a gala fundraising dinner on Saturday night, Sept. 25, and an exclusive 120 km bike ride with Lance, George Hincapie, Johan Bruyneel, Phil Liggett and Chris Carmichael over the Highwood Pass on Sunday, Sept. 26th. The ride even passes by Mount Armstrong.

Lance is one of the most charismatic individuals of our time, and a chance to see him speak at the dinner and contribute to a good cause will be a memory of a lifetime. Tickets are still available for the $500 a plate gala on Saturday night, as well as some VIP tickets to an exclusive pre-dinner reception.

Get more ticket info at the Official website www.TourOfCourage.com
Or contact Joe Dutton at 403 510-3828

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