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Tour Potential Discredits Brochard

So the headline should read “Laurent Brochard wins Criterium International”, then the story should go on to give his stats and the stats of those around him and the book should close. So why in the hell does the Media start pestering the guy about what it isn’t – in this case an automatic trip to the Tour De France?

I just got done reading the news for the last couple of days and in any language you put it, Everyone has chimed in about how Brochard’s win will effect AG2R in the months leading up to the Tour. The folks that got close enough to ask chose to bother this poor guy with how he feels his chances are now… I love his response in that he is just here to win bike races.

Personally I think taking emphasis off anyone’s achievement is a load of crap and not only for Brochard but for the world of cycling. Any one of us two wheel hacks would cut off a digit to win CI or any one of a number of National races (or a cat 5 race in town for that matter), and the last thing we would want is for someone to imply that it wasn’t a win, but that all races are simply stepping stones to that moving billboard they call Le Tour. I have had it with this kind of attitude, to the point where I wish there was no Tour De France.

What would that give us?

Well let’s think about it… We’d see Lance in probably several more races a year winning and losing as he goes and giving everyone a shot at the chief (That is if he would be the chief with no Grand Tours around). One less monopolistic power-monger type organization to deal with (Le Society Du Kiss Our Butts). A year of racing with a month off instead of month of racing and a year of needing to carefully spot our heros in tune ups at half speed while listening to excuses about poor form (God Bless Bettini, and the rest of the Year Round, any Time, any terrain racers!)

Here’s to wishing the World Cup was what everyone thought was the biggest gig in town.

Charles Manantan

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