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Training For Ghent Six: Pez Style

We’re on our way to the Ghent Six Days, or z6s – daagse Vlaanderen-Gent as they’re known in Belgium. Undaunted by last year’s near death experience (we suspect it was some funky mussels), Dave Berson is ready for a Belgian-brew fortified rematch with the mussels. Dave took in some quality Pre-trip training last weekend…

This is Ghent. A beautiful European city with some very cool architecture, tons of great restaurants and pubs, shopping, and of course start of the semi-Classic Ghent-Wevelgem and this weekend’s Ghent Six Days track races.

The key to any successful European campaign is preparation. So while Pez-Man Dave Berson is on a plane to Belgium as you read this on Friday, he was smart enough to log some quality “miles” at home in Philly last weekend. Our cameras captured the night of hard training as Dave went mouth-first into several glasses of Belgian suds…

The Location: Monks Belgian Cafй at 264 S. 16th Street in Philadelphia was our choice for the first set of intervals.

Dave with his “coach” Rita (she also drives the moto when Dave gets the urge to motorpace). As you can see, any good coach leads by example. “Determined to withstand the rigors of bicycle racing in Belgium, our first efforts involved a taste of La Chouffe. It was a hard 10-minute interval but it made me tough.” said Dave.

The effort was tiring and I quickly required nourishment. Frites with mayonnaise mustard were perfect. A sampling of three types of steamed mussels and my favorite beer, Chimay, then followed the frites.

That Chimay is one tough beer – it’s about 12% alcohol – but goes down so smooth that it sort of sneaks up on you like a 2×4 to the back of your head.

I warmed down with a Belgian hazelnut and milk chocolate cream torte and felt confident I was coming into good form for the trip.

Good luck Dave – and please don’t pass out this year!

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