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Verbruggen Points Another Big Finger

UCI boss Hein “it’s everyone else but me” Verbruggen has decided it’s time to take aim at organizations that have proven themselves far more viable than the UCI at controlling it’s membership and maintaining credibility. He has decided that North American Pro sports lack accountability and should be monitored by WADA.

This is as obvious an attempt at deflecting attention as his shot across the bow at Mapei and its leader. First it’s the criticism of Mapei for self promotion (I guess Squinzi should have just donated $100,000,000 plus and advertised Hein instead of its own brand?) and now it’s the suggestion that other sports should be run like cycling…

In Hein’s words there is “clear discrimination of our athletes [cyclists].” The problem in Hein’s opinion is that International Federations don’t have control over US Professional athletes. I can only say “thank God” (or whomever you pray to)!

As an example of the inequality, Verbruggen says that If Basketball player and a cyclist tested positive (come on Hein, didn’t you mean to use a BS cycling term like “Non-Negative”?!) that the NBA (Basketball league) player would still be able to draw a paycheck and play, while the cyclist would be banned for two years.

You mean like the two year suspension for Jan Ullrich (who’ll ride for Coast while Hein sits on his hands as other riders don’t get paid there). Or maybe Hein means the two Year suspension for Stephano Garzelli (who probably shouldn’t have been suspended at all). Or how bout the two year suspension that Tricky Dicky V got. Ah yes Hein, You mean like the two year suspension for Insulin that Pantani got (whose team just got approved for DII status). And a great example is the Two Year suspension to Dario Frigo (who just re-signed with the team that immediately dismissed him to avoid being associated with a cheater). And last but not least, what is VDB up to now like 3 two year suspensions? Of course Frank’s suspensions are only enforced in a two square block radius in a small section of a “region” of a “section” of Belgium (and they must run concurrently)…

I think the thing Hein should point at as an example is the lifetime ban the USADA just gave that female cyclist here, and say “we shoulda done that to VDB and Frigo”.

The only place Hein needs to look to point a finger is in a mirror. He should have one available in the sparkling new UCI headquarters building. He can use the mirror he practices his speeches in front of, like the speech he should give on why the Cyclists union isn’t doing more to get several of it’s Riders back wages paid. Followed immediately with his speech about how the need for better enforcement of the few rules in place now.

My solution for a better UCI?

4 year Terms and Term limits for all Officials at the UCI. With the officials voted on by the Cyclists (not the sponsors).

Charles Manantan

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