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VOTE For PEZ: Best Website

Attention Pez-Readers! Our man in Spain, freshly recovered from his “Top Ride” last Saturday is at it again – Alastair has entered PezCycling News in a Best Website Contest in Euskadi. Here’s where you come in – Vote for us and maybe we’ll win! It may only be bragging rights, but it beats a boil on yer butt! Here’s what you do…

Step 1.
Go the the Euskadi internet site hosting the contest here:

Step 2.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the “pezcyclingnews.com” link – it’s NOT alphabetical. Click the link.

Step 3.
A new page will open, showing PezCycling News, with a vote button at the top called “Votar/ Bozkatu” – Click on “Votar”.

Step 4.
A vote window will pop up on your screen, containing the same “Votar/ Bozkatu” message – Click on “Votar” again.

Step 5.
You’re done! Now sit back and read a story on PezCycling News – may we suggest Al’s Top Ride around Alicante?

Thanks for voting for us and making us the favorite website in Euskadi country!

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