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WE HAVE A WINNER: Love The PEZ, Win The Wheels!

The voting is closed and we have a WINNER! Full congratulations to Anthony Diongzon of Modesto CA whose “Love The Pez, Win The Wheels ” entry garnered the most votes – thus becoming the popular winner of the set of Pez-tested Bontrager Race X-lite Aero wheels.

Officially, 4,729 votes were cast in the past few weeks the highest ever voter turn-out at PezCycling News! Anthony’s entry earned an impressive 2010 votes (42%), winning a close fought battle with Eric Noreen who received 1337 vote (28%).

Anthony’s Entry: “Hello everyone! Suh-WEET necklace, huh? To show my love for da’PEZ I went door to door, to spread the gospel and the word about PezCyclingNews.com to the world!!! I told everyone how suh-WEET the website was and how they should check it out! I LOVE PEZCYCLINGNEWS.COM and everyone else should too! So when you vote for me, remember – its not about the wheels, its all about the love!!!”

In true spirit of the contest, Anthony (a bio-major in Modesto CA) rallied his buddies to spread the word and lobby for votes. But when they ran out of dorm doors, they took to the ‘net, visiting chat rooms and telling the world how much they “Love The Pez”. Anthony races Cat 4. and will be celebrating his implending birthday early this year…

The Bontrager Race X-Lite wheels are provided courtesy of Bontrager Wheel Works, who were keen to find unique ways to create some reader and rider interest in developing the promotion.
Anthony will also receive a pair of lust arrived PezCycling News Cycling socks by DeFeet.

Check out Bontrager’s
for the latest spec on these cool Race X-Lite Aero wheels!

In all we had 14 qualifying entries, which you can still see here.

NOTE TO ALL ENTRANTS: Please send me your names and mailing addresses, so we can send you our runners-up prizes of the brand new, limited edition PezCycling News Socks by DeFeet.

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted, you have proven a Pez-worthy and inspiring group of readers – please give yourselves a pat on the back, and take the rest of the day off!

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