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Homeboy: Winter Camp In Phoenix

The wonderful feeling of fatigue in your legs, sweat rolling down your face, and suntan on your legs. Damn it feels good to be at the team training camp. Leaving Houston in near freezing rain I stepped off the plane to see not a cloud in the sky and felt slightly overdressed in the 80+ degree weather.

Phoenix, Arizona will be my new home for the next few weeks. The city is very beautiful and with 600 miles of bike lanes it’s easy to get around. My host house is great and my host has two dogs. One of which, Suma, has an appetite of a Tour de France cyclist. I returned from a Superbowl party only to find some loose Powerbar wrappers on the floor. I then looked in my bag and found that all 8 of my Powerbars had been eaten!!! I still can’t believe that a dog, and not a very big one at that, can eat so many energy bars!

The riding here is very good less the constant threat of flats. Of course the terrain certainly makes up for it with so many nice roads and lots of inclines to vary up the rides. I have been missing the hills being in Houston especially after living at the top of a 1 kilometer climb last winter. The rides are going quite well and I can feel the strength returning back to my legs.

The glamorous life of a pro wanna-be is filled with hours of riding then some good TV gel time! I haven’t watched MTV that much till this last week and I saw a show called MADE where they take someone and try to get them to achieve their dreams in 6-weeks. The episode I saw had a gangly small town kid from Ohio go for his schools Varsity basketball team. The work ethic he had was terrible and I was at a loss of words at his skills. Watching made me realize just how hard what I and my other teammates are doing. There’s no half-ass trying on our parts and making it to the professional ranks.

On a side note I would like to give a little shout-out to a friend of mine Joseph back in Houston. Two weeks ago he came down with a very bad fever and when they took him to the hospital they found a bad bacterial infection in his heart. Two days later he went through 9 hours of open heart surgery! This is a kid who last year swept the Texas Cup for the road, track and cyclocross for 2002! He’s come through the surgery like a champ and is now in 6 weeks of recovery. I wish in many great days and be on the look out for this kid to do great things in the years to come.

Well I’m outa here – going to get some napping in and recover the muscles. Till next week.

Tot Ziens,
-Gregg Germer-

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