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You Know You’re Off The Back At The Giro When…

The PCN Top 10 List executive panel agreed we’re nowhere near being done with the Giro – just yet – and with average speeds so slow the “where’s the beef” lady could hang with the bunch – we’ve prepared this handy checklist to be sure if you’re in danger of being at the wrong end of the Giro – Heeerre we GO!

You Know You’re Off The Back At The Giro When…

10. You spend so much time riding the striped train that you know the Domina boys better than your own teammates…

9. You know there’s only 10k to go because the peloton just accelerated from 25kph to 75 kph.

8. You’re on anything steeper than a freeway overpass and you’re surrounded by McEwen, Cipo, Svorada, Petacchi, a news paper boy (fully loaded), a priest and three Nuns.

7. You haven’t seen a Colombian fall off for a while.

6. You’re on anything flatter than an overpass and your surrounded by the Kelme and Columbia-Selle Italia teams.

5. You’re in danger of being passed by someone’s “nonna” riding a Vespa.

4. All the top “totty” have gone home to cook the pasta.

3. When the only police you see is the meter maid giving you a wink.

2. When Cipo’s bidon hits you on the back of the head.

1. Let’s face it, with average speeds around 33kph, you have no business being off the back…! Now andiamo!

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