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Courage ’06 Update: Hincapie Is Back!

Hot off the PEZ carrier-pigeon: George Hincapie has confirmed he’ll join his best bud Lance Armstrong and friends Eddy Merckx and Phil Liggett for an exceptional weekend of riding, relaxing and raising funds for kids with cancer this Sept. 8 & 9. There’ll also be room for 30 ‘regular’ folk – and here’s how you can join ‘em…

Two Full Days To Hang With Your Heroes
Over the years lots of us have had a chance to meet Lance, George, Eddy, and Phil, but for most it’s only been a quick hello. Imagine spending two full days riding, relaxing, and actually talking with these guys – as part of a small group of only 30 other people. That’s what we’re talking about – a chance in a lifetime. But it’s also a chance to raise some serious money for a supper cause, and end up feeling pretty good about yourself, and doing something great for others.

George has confirmed he’ll be in the Canadian Rockies Sept. 8 & 9. So should you.

Team Time Trial Added!
Part of the weekend’s riding will feature a fun Team Time Trial, with teams led by Lance, Eddy, and George. Phil Liggett commented “I didn’t know there was such a thing as a ‘fun’ time trial” – but we’re pretty sure everyone will be all smiles for this one.

Phil’s never heard of a team time trial actually being ‘fun’…

Last September 30, lucky folks spent a first-class weekend in the glorious Canadian Rockies, riding their bikes with Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie, Phil Liggett, Chris Carmichael and Johan Bruyneel. We’ve just learned that Lance is returning to Calgary September 8th and 9th, 2006, and this time cycling icon and close friend Eddy Merckx will be along for the “ride”! Here’s your chance to be a part of it all…

Eddy Merckx – as most of you know – is widely considered the greatest cyclist of all time – winning 5 Tours de France, multiple Giro’s and Vueltas, World Championships, almost every major Classic and countless other races in the 1960’s and 70’s. The man is a legend… and spending the weekend with Eddy AND Lance…?


Imagine yourself in a small group like this – led by Lance and Eddy – cycling past 10,000 ft peaks in the Rocky Mountains.

The Fight Continues
Tour of Courage organizers Joe Dutton and John Dielwart thought their task to help raise $6 million in just over two years was completed last year, with the successful creation and funding of the “Lance Armstrong Endowed Chair in Molecular Cancer Epidemiology” housed at the Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary. Lance had a different take, and was eager to come back and ride the Canadian Rockies again – and continue the fight against Cancer by helping raise funds for another good cause – this time for Kids and the pediatric oncology department of the soon to be opened Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. When it opens this September, Calgary’s Alberta Children’s Hospital will be the most state-of-the-art children’s hospital in North America.

This year’s goal is to raise $750,000 to care for children with cancer (pediatric oncology) – so you know it’s a worthy cause.

Glorious sunshine prevailed in 2005, but for 2006, the dates have been moved up to September 8 & 9, to ensure even nicer weather.

With the winningest Tour rider on board for another year, Joe and John’s challenge quickly became how to improve an event that was first class all the way, and still attract 30 major donors who want to make a serious contribution of $25,000 (Cdn) and enjoy a once in a lifetime riding experience with Lance,
Eddy , Phil and friends.

Guests can expect luxurious accommodations, much like last year’s stay at the Post Hotel & Spa in Lake Louise.

How Amazing Was Last Year? Take A Look…
PezCycling was fortunate enough to provide exclusive coverage of the event, which included an awesome 5 hour 130km ride from Lake Louise to the Columbia Icefields, and the second day’s 50km run down the scenic Bow Valley Parkway – remember Lance’s attack with 5km to go?

I can tell you this event was primo all the way, and the hanging and riding with Lance, Phil, George, Chris and Johan was open and relaxed – just like you’d expect on a weekend group ride with friends.

How close can guests get to these guys? Check me out sitting on Lance’s wheel…

A Worthy Donation
With only 30 spots available for this year’s event, expect it to “sell” out fast, as a chance to spend 2 days riding with Lance, Eddy, Phil, and a couple of Lance’s other ‘buddies’ – and contribute important dollars for pediatric oncology – is
indeed a rare occurrence. George, Johan and Chris have not yet confirmed, but have all been invited back…

The donation structure includes a fully tax deductible minimum donation of $25,000 (exclusive of event staging costs) for entry into the ride, made directly to the The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

After a good day’s ride, one must replenish one’s energy stores.

The organizers know that a weekend riding with Lance, Eddy and friends is a fantasy come true, and will be planning a luxurious two days consistent with the exclusivity of this cause. The staging costs, expected to be in the order of $20,000 per rider for the ultra-first-class event, would then be paid separately. (Costs may be lower depending on the level of “luxury”).

After organizing 3 hugely successful events that raised $6 million for cancer research (in under 3 years!), John Dielwart (l) and Joe Dutton have some serious cred when it comes to staging a first class cycling event.

The Details
When: September 8 & 9, 2006
Who: Lance Armstrong, Eddy Merckx, Phil Liggett… You.
What: Two days riding and hanging two of the biggest names in cycling:
– luxury ground transportation to/ from Calgary Int’l Airport
– 2 nights all inclusive accommodation at 5-star hotel in Lake Louise
– “team” gourmet dinner
– all meals
– custom cycling gear and other special treats
– two day fully supported rides – approx distance 130km and 50km
– luxury coach transportation to/from rides as needed
– mechanics, bike assembly, delivery provided by Calgary’s superb Ridley’s Cycle
– tax receipts available for Canadian and US citizens
– Minimum donation: Cdn $25,000 + $20,000 staging costs per person

I was one of the lucky few at last year’s event, and I can honestly say it was truly an amazing experience. The common look on the guests faces was “disbelieving glee”, and Lance was happy to chat with anyone who wasn’t tongue-tied (hey it happened to a few guests!), and the riding with these guys was … unbelievable. The organization was superb, with no detail overlooked, and even though the donations were very well spent – what guests remember is spending two days of their lives riding with Lance. It was worth every penny.

Limited seats are still available, but the event will not be oversold – and last year’s Tour of Courage SOLD OUT by mid June.

– Send an email to [email protected]
– and we will reply in the next few days.

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