What's Cool In Road Cycling


A hearty hi-ho and super-sized congrats to PEZ-Fan Dusty Adams of West Harwich MA – the proud winner of a brand new Kuota Kharma Frame & Fork! “Yer sh*ttin’ me…!” were the first words he said upon hearing the news this morning…

The Kuota Kharma • Many thanks to the guys at Euro-Spek for bringing the Italian brand to North America, and for generously supplying an awesome prize.

Originally from Texas, Dusty now lives in the North East, and “modestly” takes some credit for spurring the growth in road riding in a region that used to be 100% mtbs.

He bought his first racing bike in 1970, but has been reading PEZCycling for only about a year, and likes PEZ because: “…it’s like me and my riding buddies sitting around talking…”

Thanks also to everyone who entered (over 4500 of you!) – and stay tuned to PezCycling news for more great giveaways in the months ahead…

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