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PEZ-Xmas: The Holiday Shopping List 1

Deck the halls with wheels and sprockets, fa la la la la, la la la la la. Tis the season to empty pockets, fa la la la la, la la la la… What’s Holiday season for, if not the time of year to get others to buy you cool gear? Here’s a few gift ideas to show others of various budget what to get you for the Holidays…

• First stop is the land of Tanenbaum and really nice automobiles… Germany houses Schmolke Carbon who not only make some of the nicest light weight gear for your bike, but also produce some of the coolest in hot ware… How’s this for a cyclist gift that probably wasn’t expected, but will surely be loved?

• Squeeze down a country or so and Italy bring you a few upgrades that will have you seeing red (or blue, or…). Tiso and Cycling Innovations have a whole range of parts that will lighten and brighten your rig, and you can do a little or a lot, spending what you like (of other people’s money).

• Also from over that direction comes helmets from LAS. Trialtir-USA.com bring you the range of head toppers from LAS, like the Haxial shown here, in a range of colors and “hood scoop” options.

• Roll over to Bean Town and think Boston Winter and it’s no wonder why Seven Cycles brings you nice toasty 100% Merino Wool Jerseys ($140) suitable for walking around as much as cruising one of their custom bikes.

• Also from the USA, we bring you one of the more sensible products in a long time. American Classic’s new Hurricane wheels are built with bigger guys in mind and also with the thought of a winter worth of cyclocross, yet they come in at only 1590 grams. Mud bugs and folks without the problem of denial when it comes to their own weight will love em! (Stay tuned fot a full test…)

• All the Ladies in the house will like the new offerings from Veltec Sports’ new clothing line. This would include the Shebeest Wind Pro Jacket built to handle old man winter and do so in comfort.

• Something to keep your feet (and wallet) happy come in the form of DMT’s new Spirit RSX shoes. Distributed by The Upland Sports Group, here’s a set of shoes with a load of features that mirror kicks at twice the $189.00 retail price. They should be ready any day…

• Something to keep your body happy (with very little regard for your wallet) comes from the folks at Serotta bicycles. The new MeiVici is surely a “wish list” item, but at some place near $7,500 for the frame and F3 fork only, it’s more likely to find it’s way to only the very naughty boys and girls…

• Something near to most hearts this time of year is their indoor trainer and one of the best in the biz is Elite.it. Pronet Inc (Bremerton WA) bring the new, super easy and function packed Elite Crono Primo Wireless to market this year. That’s all the benefits of watts, speed, time and other functions WITHOUT the wires. A huge list of features here for a reasonable $495.

Have fun and click away on the links. There are lots more available from all these companies, so don’t be afraid to spend as much of your loved one’s money as possible this season! And keep watching for the next installment of our longest wish-list ever…

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