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Dario’s Giro: One Way Ticket To Milano

Just for a change we spoke to Dario in the morning, he didn’t seem as relaxed as usual, but maybe the fact that he was climbing the Mortirlo that afternoon had something to do with it! For Dario and everyone not named Basso, the end of the Giro probably can’t come soon enough.

PEZ: “How are the injuries?”

Dario: ‘Better, but I am starting to feel tired now.’

PEZ: “Liquigas have been very active in breaks for the last three stages.”

Dario: ‘Yes, we have decided to cover all the early escapes so after my breakaway on Wednesday we had Charly involved on Thursday and Danilo away yesterday.’

Just a few more climbs to go…no matter that they’re called Gavia and Mortirolo…

PEZ: “On Thursday you would just be trying to recover from your breakaway efforts?”

Dario: ‘Yes, it was a long stage also and I am starting to feel a bit tired.’

PEZ: “You were in the saddle for 7 hours 40 minutes yesterday weren’t you?”

Dario: ‘Yes the stage started slowly because everyone was thinking about the long distance and the climbs, that’s why it was such a low average speed.’

PEZ: “What is your opinion on all these long stages?”

Dario: ‘I think they make for cautious racing because everyone is tired and afraid they will crack. If the stages were shorter with less mountains then we could recover better and the there would be more attacking racing.’

PEZ: “What about nutrition in these long stages?”

Dario: ‘It’s difficult because there is so little flat during the stages, obviously you can’t eat on the climbs so you end-up trying to eat on the descents, which is awkward.’

PEZ: “That was a nice gesture Voigt made with Garate at the finish yesterday.’

Dario: “I think some people may misunderstand it, but he was just saying; “I don’t deserve the win – you do.”

PEZ: “So what about today, will it be savage or is everyone just trying to get to Milano on Sunday?”

Dario: ‘There will be riders who still think that they can move up the GC today but I really don’t know how it will go. It could be easy at first because everyone is thinking about the mountains or there could be an attack from the gun and it could be a very hard stage.’

Dario’s legs probably felt a little bit better way back in Stage 3. Maybe?

PEZ: “How is Franco Pellizotti’s morale, can he jump back over Cunego into fifth again?”

Dario: ‘Yesterday was not so god a day for him but I think that it is possible for him to move up; there are some very tired riders in the race who could loose time today.’

PEZ: “What about Danilo?’

Dario: ‘He has known for some days that the GC is gone, that is why he went with the break yesterday to try for a stage win but unfortunately there were some guys in that break who were stronger than him on the day.’

PEZ: “Finally, what is the Liquigas plan for today?”

Dario: ‘It’s still early, we have not had our team meeting yet, we will agree on our tactics then.’

Next time we talk to Dario it will Sunday evening, the Giro will be all over, he’ll be in Milan and we’ll find out if that Liquigas plan was a good one or a bad one.

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