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Magnus Maximus: Giro Watching

The Big Man is on the mend and nursing his knee back up to speed – and between trainer sessions takes a little time to check in with PEZ on his progress, share some Giro observations, and of course reader mail and his tastey snak pak…

Knees Up!
Pez! First of all I would like to give you a quick update on how my knee is progressing.

I am now up to 1 hour on the turbo trainer and have done the last 4 days like that with a fair few variations in intensity. It has been very much a test period before I get out on the road. As long as everything progresses perfectly from now on I should still be able to be on top form for the Tour. It has been nice to get on the bike and turn my legs over, but at the same time it is just teasing.

Ciao Bella
Looking a bit at the racing coming up for the boys out there on their bikes, the first 3 week tour of the year – the GIRO. This is pretty much another Tour de France. The only difference is the media. The Tour still is way bigger than the Giro in that way. The racing however is just pretty much the same. It is a 3 week tour and it has more or less the same quality field. Unfortunately it is more or less impossible for anyone to do the double (Tour-Giro). It is also pretty difficult to do the early classic program such as Flanders and Roubaix and then keep the form through to the Giro, that is why I tend to keep out of the Giro.

As a rider, if you want to go well for the Giro you need to get going for the second part of the Classics and then Romandy, not before then. There are still a few riders who can be competitive in both tours, but they are few and far between.

Before he became a Classics star, Maggy was a force in the Giro – winning the InterGiro jersey in 2004 for Team Fakta.

Giro Strategies
I think this year’s Giro is looking extremely difficult. I think there will be quite a few dropouts after about 2 weeks. Riders like myself would have to battle it out early on, say the first 5-6 days. Then it is pure climbing! A grovel-fest! With a course this difficult I think there will be fairly defensive racing to start off with from the GC riders. Everyone will try to save as much energy as possible to the last week.

The riders to watch for the GC? It is probably going to be your current usual suspects in this race. Savoldelli, Cunego, Basso, Simoni, DiLuca, and possibly a couple of more guys.

Let’s hope this will be a good race to watch as I will definitely keep an eye on things every day as I get back from my own rides.

This week’s Reader Question:
– Am I correct that you generally run 23mm tires when using clinchers? If so, have you ever considered whether 25’s might be faster rolling for a guy your size, not to mention more puncture resistant? Maybe your tire sponsor doesn’t offer that size in a high performance tire?
– Mike from Houston

Maggy Sez: Mike, I generally run 23mm, but I never ride clinchers, not for racing anyway. I find that tubulars are so much smoother and give you better grip in corners. They are also a bit safer on the puncture front. I have looked into riding 25mm but I get the feeling that they are a bit sluggish on normal road, I do however use them on races like Flanders and Roubaix. We ride Continental with the team and they pretty much offer us what ever we ask for when it comes to tires. If we need something special they make it. Hope this answers your question.
– Magnus

Check out Maggy’s next car…

Maggy’s Snak Pak
A few tastey snaks for you this week:
• Music: Gnarls Barkley
• Turbo music! World of Trance
• Car: Mustang Eleanor 2006 (Picture Enclosed)

Maggy has decided that his next car will be a Mustang!

See Maggy’s website for more cool stuff: MagnusBackstedt.com

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