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Giro06 St4: Robbie Does McDouble

The Giro d'Italia waved a sunny goodbye today to Belgium and heads back to its namesake, but not before a little matter of 193 Wallonian kilometers are contested by what's left of the peloton. The group was thankful to see the sun, but sad to chalk up a few more abandons before the start,...

Grappa d’Italia: 24 Hours With PEZ

An PEZ-Fan email from Alaska asked how PEZ-Man Ed Hood is spending his time in Belgium on the Giro; “All that dude Ed does is eat frites, drink pils, photograph babes and schmooz with the stars, how much does he pay you guys for that gig?” ...here's a look at Ed's last 24 hours...

Giro06 Stage 3: Schumacher Drives It Home

Another day for the fish on the Giro d’Italia in “sunny” Belgium, after all that rain yesterday, yes you guessed it more of the same today, so bad that the TV coverage was minimal, but the excitement was still there for the finish.

Dario’s Giro: Let’s Get Going

What better way to get inside a Grand Tour than ride along with a top rider? We’ve hooked up with Liquigas super-domestique Dario Cioni for a series of insider Giro reports, as he helps ProTour champ Danilo DiLuca’s quest for victory. We checked in with Dario just before the stage 1 TT…

Giro 06 Stg2: First Chance For The Sprinters

Alessandro Petacchi has proclaimed long and loud that there just aren’t enough chances for the sprinters in this year’s mountain-fest of a Giro d’ Italia. That meant the pressure was on the Milram man to make this one stick, but with 197 kilometres between Mons and Charleoi, there was plenty that could go wrong for Ale-Jet.

Giro06 Stage 1: PEZ Rides Prologue

Vai Vai Vai! Il Giro 2006 is underway and even the sun shone in Belgium for today’s race opening TT. Last year’s champ Paulo Savoldelli (Discovery) threw down a super-sized gauntlet with a commanding 11 second salami-slap to all comers, but this race is just beginning, and our ED Hood is there, and rode along with Telekom’s Matthias Kessler for an eye-view of the corsa…

Giro06 Stage 1: Savoldelli Puts Up

Well here it is! The first leaders jersey of the first Grand Tour of 2006. The Giro d’Italia starts today in the Belgian town of Seraing, 6.2 kilometers with a bit of a climb in the middle of about 2.5 kilometers long and then downhill to the finish, not too technical. Eyes down and we’re off!

Giro06 St1 Preview: PEZ Scopes La Corsa

The Giro starts in Liege, Southern Belgium tomorrow, PEZ man Ed Hood is out there taking his Colt hire car to the limit over the 6.2 kilometre course, with a few well chosen words from Italian Liquigas pro Dario Cioni too.

Magnus Maximus: Giro Watching

The Big Man is on the mend and nursing his knee back up to speed - and between trainer sessions takes a little time to check in with PEZ on his progress, share some Giro observations, and of course reader mail and his tastey snak pak…