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PEZ Preview: La Corsa Rosa – The Contenders

The Giro holds a special place for everyone at PEZ, it has something the other Tours don't - and we don't just mean grappa! This year's Giro looks to be an incredible knife fight with tough time trials and harder mountain stages - PEZ takes a look at the possible contenders to bring home the Maglia Rosa when the 06 Edition ends in Milano.

Giro06 Preview: PEZ Rides Stage 7

You could argue that this year’s Grand Tour season begins May 13th, with the Giro’s great 7th stage. The peloton will climb the brutal Monte Catria before approaching a steep uphill finish at the village of Saltara, which is hosting its first Giro finish. PEZ’s Alessandro Federico tested his early season legs and discovered Saltara’ all-pervasive passion for cycling.

Giro ’06 Presentation: Backstage Pass

Last week PEZ’s man in Italy, Alessandro Federico, responded to the Siren call of world class cycling journo-ism for the unveiling of the 2006 Giro route in Milano. As usual, we got right into the ‘shwing’: consoling Petacchi, advising DiLuca, seeing a few sights in Milano, flirting with some girls, befriending an over-stuffed Giro mascot, and reflecting on the coming winter and what makes the Giro special.

GIRO ’06: BallBuster, Bravissima, Or Both?

The stage layout for the ’06 Giro d’Italia is more confusing than Italian lovers' quarrel: on the one hand it’s a perfect setting for epic battles and the most deserving winner, on the other, the tough corsa could destroy the fighting spirit before it even starts – creating a dull race indeed. But anything can happen, so here’s our best guess at what to expect…