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Giro Stg 9: Petacchi At Last!

Today’s stage 9 was from Florencia to Rбvena over 139 kilometers with the climb of Passodel Muraglione (907m). With yesterdays time trial and tomorrows rest day coming up it might be an early finish or another sprint-fest?

Early action had Sven Krauss (Gerolsteiner) and Mads Christensen (Quick-Step) away with a gap of 2 minutes 35 seconds with just under two hours covered and an eager bunch behind and the sprinters teams wanting to get things together for another gallop. Sven Krauss was leading the InterGiro competition and was taking the points for that jersey.

Today’s stage finish is a real sprinters finish, straight and flat, would suit Petacchi, except that McEwan might have a different idea on that.

Into Fiori for the InterGiro sprint, it was Krauss taking the points, 1 minute 40 seconds ahead of the chasers, with 40 kilometers to go. They were pulled back, no surprise, and it was all for the sprint. The silver train were on the front in the last kilometers, Petacchi and McEwen were elbow to elbow, but in a clean sprint Petacchi is the faster man, Bettini came through fast for second and the old man, Zabel was up there too, Spanish rider Izaac Galvez looked fast, but not fast enough.

Stage 9 Result:

1st A.Petacchi (FAS) in 3:15:32.
2nd P.Bettini (QUI) all same time.
3rd A.Clerc (PHO)
4th R.McEwen (LOT)
5th E.Zabel (T-MOB)
6th P.Grillo (PAN)
7th I.Galvez (ILSB)
8th R.Forster (GER)

Overall After Stage 9:

1st D.Di Luca (liq) in 39:22:19
2nd I.Basso (CSC) at 9 secs
3rd P.Savoldelli (DIS) at 35 secs.
4th D.Conego (LAM) at 1:15.
5th D.Cioni (LIQ) at 1:27.
6th S.Garzelli (LIQ) at 1:35.
7th M.Bruseghin (FAS) at 1:38.
8th S.Honchar (DOM) at 1:39.

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