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Giro di PEZ: One Last Time

Roadside: I always thought that we'd be overjoyed to reach that final stage in Milano. It was somewhat disconcerting then when, despite sickness and exhaustion, we found ourselves leaving Milano at the end of another memorable day feeling a bit sad...

PEZ Goes Inside Team Astana

Just prior to the Giro's fourth stage TTT, PEZ had the chance to chill at the Astana team bus (if “chill” is the right word for such a hot, sunny day) and talk to some of the men who keep the wheels on the bus, so to speak. They don’t get on the podium and they don’t have fan clubs, but no pro team could function without guys like these...

Giro di PEZ St 21: Watching History in Milano

Roadside St.21: By now you’ve heard the news and read the race reports – and for me it’s till sinking in – and I wonder wjat it’s like to be Ryder Hesjedal this morning. Waking up as winner of eth Giro d’Italia, and major Grand Tour, the first from his country – and while the racew was three weeks long – it all happened over 34 minutes yestertda in Milan.

Giro ’12 St.21: Ryder 1st For Canada!

Race Report: This has been a hard and exciting Giro d’Italia and the two toughest riders; Ryder Hesjedal and Joaquim Rodrigez were within 31 seconds of winning this year’s Italian tour. We knew Hesjedal had the edge, but you never know what can happen at the end of three weeks and there was also the battle for third with De Gendt and Scarponi. Giro excitement from day 1 to day 21!

Giro ’12 St.20: De Gendt…De Winnaar!

Race Report: Today could have been a damp squib with the top riders watching each other’s every move. That is until Thomas De Gendt went on the attack in the style of Eddy Merckx and put all the others to the sword. Excitement by the bucketful and the race just became a little bit more open for the final TT. Canada in Pink tomorrow?

Giro di PEZ: The Happiness Of It All

Roadside St.19: On a stage so fraught with difficulty, I can say with certainty, I've never seen so many smiling faces in the final kilometers. It was a brilliant day of racing, and we were there in the midst of it, amazed at just how great it all can be.

Giro ’12 St.19: Salvation And Suffering At Pampeago!

Race report: ‘Wow’ was the tweet from Garmin-Barracuda’s boss man Jonathan Vaughters after a fascinating, sinew-tearing, nerve-shredding day in the gods ... the Giro returned to its mountain home with a vengeance today with five climbs including the Passo Manghen and two trips up the Alpe de Pampeago. As the riders crawled up, here’s what went down!

Giro di PEZ: Making Unexpected Friends

Roadside St.18: After yesterday's superlative laden adventure through the Dolomiti, the Giro left Italy's most beautiful mountain range just as quickly as it came and headed to the Veneto plain. We were once again on the road in search of pretty places - we had no trouble finding Valle di Cadore.