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Giro Diaries: Team Fakta

By Jшrgen Bo Petersen – Team Fakta picked up a late invite to the Giro this year, and were none to pleased to join the fray. Last night the opening ceremonies began, and Fakta riders Jorg Bo Peteresen and big Magnus Backstedt submitted these diary entries from Lecce…

There are only two days to the beginning of the Giro. We arrived at the hotel yesterday evening after a pleasant journey and after the compulsory medical check we went for a 100 kilometre ride on the bikes.

I’ve been training very hard for the last weeks but the last 10 days I’ve also been treated with antibiotics, so it hasn’t been easy. However I do think my form is ok but it’s the third time this spring I try to reach a peak performance. First time was in Paris-Nice but I crashed and had to start all over again. After that I was going well in Settimana Ciclistica but got sick with sinusitis and had to start from scratch once more. It’s tough for your body and I hope it doesn’t cause any repercussions in the next three weeks.

I think it is still possible to make a top result in the general classification, but I have never riden a three week stage race before, so I do fear a little bit that I’ll go down after 10 days or so. We’ll have to see.

The weather is fine – if you like the heat. The temperature is about 30 degrees, so perhaps the sun will be our greatest opponent the first week.

Ciao – Jorg

And this just in from Magnus Backstedt:

“Hello everyone.
Here we go, tomorrow we start the 2003 Giro d’Italia. The last 2 days we have been in a small little town just outside of Lecce right down in the heal of the Italian shoe. First day we got here we had a quick medical check which included a big blood test. After that we went out on our bikes for 3 hours. That was really nice, weather was good, and I had been looking forward to getting down here and meet up with the team. Then in the evening we had the team presentation in the centre of Lecce. It was definitely nice, but not quite as big as the one in the Tour de France.

On the way we played a bit of a practical joke on the boss Kim Andersen. We were driving in to the presentation when Kurt Asle Arvesen phoned Kim on his Italian mobile, and said in Italian that we were expected at the presentation in 5 min. Kim sounded quite stressed as he doesn’t speak much Italian. 5 minutes later we took a wrong turn and couldn’t find the place where we were going. So Kurt got on the phone again and told Kim that we were late and that the presentation was at 8 not at 9 as Kim had been informed of. Kim went “ no its 9” Kurt “ no 8” Kim “no no 21! At that point we were standing at a red light and Kim got so worked up that he drove against red and we could see that he was stressing out big style. Then when we finally found the place Kim rushed out of the car got the bikes off the roof in about 10 secs. He was just shouting at us HURRY UP GET CHANGED AND GET TO THE STAGE. That’s when Kurt decided to tell Kim that we had been playing him the whole time. We were all laughing our heads off. Nice start to the team spirit.

Second day here (today) we have just been laying around resting as much as possible, then went for an easy 2 hour ride. After that we did some more laying around.

So tomorrow its D day. Can’t wait to get started. The legs have been feeling really good lately, so I’m hoping for a fast and hard stage. We’ll see tomorrow how it goes.

Speak to you tomorrow.”

Check out the Team Fakta website at www.teamfakta.dk

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