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Giro D’Italia Stage 6: It’s Petacchi Again And Still In Pink

It should have been another chance for “Not So Super Mario” to win a record equaling stage. This time he freewheeled the last few metres, well beaten into sixth place.

A break of three were still 1 minute 20 seconds up at 20 kilometres to the finish in Avezzino, at one point they had 4 minutes. The three were Raggero Moreni (Alessio), Constantino Zaballa (Kelme) and Magnus Backstedt (Fakta) (ed: read his diary later today at PezCycling News).

In the Spanish press this morning, Vicente Belda, manager of the Kelme team, said to-day was a day for his riders, and he kept to his word, Zaballa was there.

The chase behind was lead by all the usual teams, Fassa Bortolo for Petacchi, Lotto/Domo for McEwan and Domina Vicanza for Cipollini. At 10 kilometres out, Tenax and Saeco started to help and the gap was down to 23 seconds. As the bunch had them in sight, Backstedt shot off and soon had 12 seconds on the other two, who had 18 seconds on the fast bunch.

It didn’t last long and they were all back together with a dangerous 5 kilometre run in to the line, Domina Vicanza were well in control, with Cipollini at the end of the zebra line all looked good. Petacchi, Gбlves (Kelme) and Brown (Panaria) were all close by, but no McEwan.

Gaps were opening round the tight corners, Petacchi came off Cipo’s wheel and had a little battle with Isaac Gбlves, but won with ease. Mario looked well pissed off but not as much as his team.

Tomorrow’s stage is not for the sprinters, the finish is up a 1,675 metre climb to Terminillo, 146 kilometres.

Stage 6 Result:

1st. A.Petacchi (FAS) 5:11:52.
2nd. I.Gбlves (KEL) same time.
3rd. J.Svorada (LAM) same time.
4th. M.Velo (FAS) same time.
5th. S.Garzelli (VIN) same time.
6th. M.Cipollini (DOM) same time.
7th. G.Lombardi (DOM) same time.
8th. G.Gasparre (DeN) at :03 secs.
9th. G.Brown (PAN) same time.
10th. D.Bennati (DOM) same time.

Overall After Stage 6:

1st. A.Petacchi (FAS) 22:43:16.
2nd. S.Garzelli (VIN) at 1:09.
3rd. F.Casagrande (LAM) at 1:27.
4th. F.Pellizotti (ALE) at 1:32.
5th. G.Simoni (SAE) same time.
6th. M.Velo (FAS) at 1:36.
7th. D.Lunghi (ALE) at 1:39.
8th. B.Hamburger (FOR) same time.
9th. A.Noe (ALE) same time.
10th. M.Sabalianskas (SAE) same time.

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