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Giro Talk 7: Magnus’ Diary & Rider Comments

Magnus’ Diary – Day 7 – Today was the first mountain top finish. After yesterday’s little ride and the win in the Intergiro sprint, which meant that I was closing on the leaders in that competition. So in the meeting this morning we were talking about me trying to go for the sprint today as well. I had a couple of my team mates looking after me in the beginning of the race as we were going straight up a 2nd category climb. I was expecting to hurt a fair bit going up that climb, but I felt straight off that my legs were very good.

The boys were going to lead me out for the sprint, but with about 20km to that sprint 3 guys attacked on this really twisty mountain side road. I looked up and they were riding about 10 seconds in front of the peloton, so I thought that it would be a good idea to get in a break before the sprint. We ended up being 5 guys blasting it down this really nice road, I was loving every minute off it. Then when we got to the
feeding zone my masseurs didn’t believe their eyes. There I was again in a break. You should have seen the look on their faces. Anyway, we came in to the town where the sprint was and with 500meters to go one guy attacked and I left him a few meters, so I had someone to run off. I brought him back with about 250 to go, and just opened up my sprint with 200 left to the line. With about 20 meters to go I looked around just to see that I was in no danger to get passed.

After that there was a 3 cat climb and a 16 climb up to the finish. I got caught about 2km from the top on the first climb. I looked around and there was Julian, Frank and Rene. So I spent the last climb of the day with them in a pretty good group. I must say “hat off to Scott for the ride he put on today. 3 min down on
the winners on a climb like that. Don’t care what people say, that is GOING”.

Speak to you later


Rider Comments reported by Michele Tomasi

Garzelli: “I must give my best compliments to Simoni, because he was riding very strongly. He did all the hill in front. I wanted this victory and at the sprint I knew that I was the faster between me and him, but it has been very hard to keep his wheel. Today I was thinking that last year, on 17 May I won a stage on Limone Piemonte, and then in 3 hours I got the world on me. Today it’s 17 May again, and I won again the stage and wearing the Pink Jersey. I’ve to say thanks to Eddy Mazzoleni, and to the other guys, because they were riding very well. I didn’t think that there could be a so big gap between me and Simoni and the others”.

Simoni: “It has been a surprise when I heard about the gap with the others at the finish. I tried many times to get away from Garzelli, but he is in a very good condition. He won the battle, but not the war. He is a ‘cagnaccio'”.

Noи: “I knew that they were stronger than me, and in a better condition. So I couldn’t answer their attacks, but just go up with my step. Anyway, I’m satisfied of my performance. Now I don’t know if I will be the captain of my team, we will see later how my team mates will run. The Giro is still long”.

Casagrande: “I didn’t think to lose so much time. I don’t know what’s happened, perhaps just a bad day. It can happen to everybody. And anyway the Giro is still long. We’re just at the 1st week”.

Pantani: “I cannot say that I’m satisfied of my performance, but I couldn’t wait more. I’m afraid because all of my team didn’t do a good job today”.

Gonzales: “I don’t know why, but I couldn’t breathe well”.

Frigo: “At the start of the hill I felt my legs very hard, and I don’t know why. But I don’t think it’s cause of my problem at the knee that I got at Tour de Romandie”.

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