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Giro Talk: Day 5 Rider Comments

Alessandro petacchi continues to get in the way of World Champ Mario Cipollini’s quest for a record 41st Giro stage win. Yesterday in Sicily, Petacchi once again beat ‘im fair & square, while Cipo’s leadout man Scarponi remains positive – here’s what they said…

Petacchi: “I think I’m living a dream. I won a stage by wearing the Pink Jesery in front of Cipollini, the World Champion. It’s one of the best moment of my life. I think that Mario will have still the chance to get over Binda’s record, and perhaps I was in a better position than him at the sprint. But after the sprint I was thinking just at how much strong I’m. Before the last kms I wanted only to catch the Mario’s wheel and I fighted as never I did for get it”.

Cipollini: “I’m glad for Petacchi and about me…it isn’t working. Before Giro I was thinking to be in a good condition, but I’m not pedaling as I’d like to do. There’s to say that perhaps in this stage, in the last metres, if there wasn’t a hole I could get over Petacchi”.

Scarponi: “I’m really afraid that we still didn’t win a stage with Cipollini, but I’m sure he will have the chance to get it later. The team is working well for him. About me, I will wait just the hills, and try to do my best”.

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