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Giro Talk: Magnus’ Diary & Rider Comments

Magnus Backstedt’s Giro Diary
The last 2 days have been pretty nice. Starting with yesterday we had a pretty slow start and finished with a
couple of climbs. They were just a little bit too hard for me, so I helped Scott out before the first one to keep him well placed. Then I just rode in to the finish in a group of about 20 guys. Feeling really good on the bike,
so I am just waiting for a day when the big boys have sorted out the leaders jersey a bit and then I will have a proper go at a stage win. Nothing much is happening apart from eating, sleeping and riding my bike.

Today was quite a nice stage. After about 30km a group of 8 guys went up the road, the peloton started chasing quite soon, and we were doing some 55 to 60 km/h. When we caught them I thought to myself it was about time for me to have a go. So off I went. I did a 2km turn on the front at about 70km/h then looked around just to find the whole peloton split up in to bits and pieces.
I thought to myself “this is nice”. It was just a little show off attack. Just to keep the legs turning and to keep my head happy. At the end of the stage there was a few climbs. Julian Winn had a go in the start of the climb
and then got brought back about half way up. I helped Scott and Kurt out a bit until about 1 km from the top. Then I let go of the front boys and got in to a group with Chipolini. Him and me had a bit of a play on the decent
and brought back about 2 min on the peloton. Not quite enough to get back on, but I really enjoyed the way we went down that climb. At the end only Kurt was in the front, Scott had a hard time on the decent and lost the
contact with the lead group. I am having really good legs still, and can not wait to have a stage that suits me. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Speak to you later


Rider Comments Reported by MIchele Tomasi
Garzelli: “I was’t waiting for the victory but I was wishing on it. I’m really glad
especially because it comes after 11 months really hard for me. Ive been thinking to
leave cycling during that time, but a day, when I was watching a cycling race, I couldn’t
resist to come back and so I’ve been training very hard for 5 months. In the final of
this stage everybody was very tired and I just tried to push hard” .

Petacchi: “I knew that if I was going to arrive today with the first group, I could keep
the pink jersey still for some days without big problems and so I did my best. In the
final of the stage I called my team mates cause of McEwen’s attack, as I didn’t know
there was the last hill. But then I asked them to go up without forcing, but regular. I
showed today that I’m not a pure sprinter, and that I can fight also in some other kinds
of races”.

Colombo: “I must say thanks to all my team who worked hard for me. I wanted to try as I
knew that the final was good for me, unluckily I didn’t win. It can happen”.

Pellizzotti: “I thought that the final hill was harder and so it wasn’t so good to me,
anyway I arrived with the first, and thats ok”.

Gasparre: “This is my first Giro and I’m here for learn. Until now I’m doing well, but I
will work for my captain, Serguej Gontchar”.

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